Chicago To Spend $29 Million For Security At Illegal Alien Camps

So, what could the Sanctuary City Of Chicago do with $29 million? How many legal residents could they feed? How many areas could they secure against crime (California looks to spend $267 million to stop smash and grabs)?

Mayor Brandon Johnson quietly signs $29 million deal with private security firm as part of Chicago’s planned migrant ‘base camps’

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration recently moved forward with plans to place new asylum-seekers in massive tent camps around the city, signing a nearly $30 million contract with a private security firm at the center of controversies related to its handling of asylum-seekers elsewhere in the U.S.

GardaWorld Federal Services, and its subsidiary Aegis Defense Services, quietly sealed the one-year deal with the city on Sept. 12. The city contract calls for GardaWorld to provide “emergency logistics management and operation services that will set up shelter … and other necessary services (also called ‘a base camp’ or ‘solution’)” for the new arrivals.”

The company signed a similar $125 million contract with the state of Illinois late last year, though so far very little has been paid out. Earlier this month, Johnson’s team noted the city’s migrant expenditures could reach $302 million by the end of this year when factoring in costs of the new tent encampment sites.

That’s awesome. Supposedly, the contract will see GardaWorld provide more than just security, but, really, they are needed to protect the citizens of Chicago from yet another source of crime. How are you feeling about all those sanctuary city policies now, Democrats? These illegals are going to love living in a tent during a Chicago winter, especially with the wind blowing off the lake with 8” of snow on the ground and temps below zero. Just a regular January day in the Sanctuary City. And, I wonder how many of the companies being paid to supply support for the illegals are Democrat Party donors?

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3 Responses to “Chicago To Spend $29 Million For Security At Illegal Alien Camps”

  1. Dana says:

    Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis have proven to be brilliant men. They are transferring part of the illegal immigration problems they have faced to the area populated by liberal Democrats, forcing the liberal Democratic taxpayers to realize that their ‘compassion’ for the illegals is coming out of their wallets. The more this happens, the more of those Democrats will decide, “Hey, maybe that Trump guy wasn’t all wrong after all.”

    It was all fun and games for the ‘progressives’ when the illegals were infesting Texas; now they illegals are in their back yards!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Of the American states, California has the most undocumented immigrants. Not Texas, not Florida. New York, New Jersey and Illinois make up the remainder of the Big Six. Huh, most of the undocumented are in Blue states!

      Of course, being grown up and responsible, California is addressing the issue while the grandstanding brilliants of Texas and Florida are playing political games. Stop whining.

      To repeat, nuCons have no interest in governing, only in political power which they continue to garner riding “cultural” issues. They distract Americans with their trolling clown show, to the detriment of our Republic.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Chicago?? We thought all the immigrants were in Texas…

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