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Climate Nuts To Spend Weekend Protesting Fossil Fuels

I can’t wait to see how much trash they leave behind, and whether they realize that most of their clothes, signs, special coffees, and smartphones are all made using petroleum Global climate protests demand world leaders phase out fossil fuels Climate protesters were set to take to the streets in more than 50 countries from […]

If All You See…

…is a palm tree that will Soon! grow in the Arctic, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is No Tricks Zone, with a post on sea level data being changed to show actual big sea rise.

Democrats Seize On Trump Saying Impeaching Biden Could Be Revenge

Is this seizing or pouncing? Either way, outlets like Politico are Outraged that Republicans would actually respond in kind and do the same things that Democrats do ‘They did it to me’: Trump says Biden impeachment inquiry might be motivated by revenge Former President Donald Trump has “no idea” whether Republicans will vote to impeach […]

Having Fixed All Their Issues, San Francisco Considers Lifting Ferry Building Due To Climate Doom

It’s not like SF is having issues with crime, businesses and citizens leaving, stolen and broken into cars, homelessness, open drug use, and poop and pee in the streets, right? San Francisco considers lifting the Ferry Building by 7 feet to save it from the sea San Francisco’s waterfront is on the National Register of Historic […]

SCNY Leaders Warn Illegal Aliens Could Impact Elections

But, not in the way you may be thinking NYC officials warn migrant crisis could have far-reaching impact at voting booth if Dems get their way New York City officials leading the legal fight against a closed Catholic school on Staten Island being turned into a migrant shelter sounded the alarm about a potential far-reaching […]

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