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People Are Retreating From Florida Over Global Boiling Or Something

I’ve avoided the “ZOMG, Hurricane Idalia is Proof of climate crisis doom” articles, because, quite frankly, it’s tedious. It’s been done before. It’s complete mule fritters. You know how it goes. But, this is silly shite from three Warmists at CNN Opinion: The Sunbelt was the retirement destination of choice. That was before climate change […]

If All You See…

…is a perfect place for solar panels, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on Zelensky making threats if he isn’t sent more money.

McCarthy Plans To Hold Floor Vote On Impeachment Hearing

This is a strange way to hold impeachment hearings, particularly after all the facts on Biden’s crimes Exclusive — McCarthy Details Impeachment Inquiry Process: ‘If We Move Forward,’ It ‘Would Occur Through a Vote’ on House Floor House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made clear to Breitbart News on Friday that if House Republicans move forward with […]

Green Groups Are Divided Over Hydroelectric Power

This is a typical refrain from the greenies: they Demand clean, renewable energy to replace the Evil fossil fuels. But, it’s in theory, because, when it comes time to actually build it, they, at best, waffle Green Groups Are Divided Over a Proposal to Boost the Nation’s Hydropower. Here’s Why America’s hydropower industry is hoping […]

Bummer: Massachusetts Governor Activates National Guard Over Illegal Aliens

It really is truly hilarious and delectable how Democrat run cities, counties, and states have to finally pay the price for the unfettered illegal immigration policies they advocate for. Massachusetts is essentially a sanctuary state, and Boston is a declared sanctuary city Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey activates National Guard to assist in emergency shelters housing […]

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