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Good News: Pirates Are Now Plaguing California

Well, as long as they aren’t stealing more than $950 they should be OK, right? Pirates are taking over the Oakland Estuary Marinas. Yes, pirates. And local and federal authorities says it's getting so bad the U.S.Coast Guard is deploying help."Boat owners attacked by pirates. There are no excuses for that." ?@MayorShengThao???????????? https://t.co/CuEYmimQ25 — ??Susan […]

If All You See…

…are horrible sugary drinks making the sky boil, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on Trudeau threatening grocery stores.

PRC Democrats Pass Bill That Looks To Stop Citizens From Making It Harder To Pass Tax Increases

Now, why would Democrats want to keep it easier to pass tax increases, and keep those stupid peasants out of it? California Democrats pass measure to thwart business effort to block tax increases The Democratic-led California Legislature voted to place on the ballot an amendment to the state Constitution that seeks to thwart a business-led […]

Once Upon A Time: Global Boiling Could Bring More Storms Like Hurricane Lee To New England

This is simply cult activism disguised as journalism, with zero skepticism or research and Journalism 101 by the Associated Press Climate change could bring more storms like Hurricane Lee to New England When it comes to hurricanes, New England can’t compete with Florida or the Caribbean. But once upon a time scientists said Friday that […]

SCLA Mayor Fearful That Planeloads Of Illegals Will Show Up

Why, yes, the Sanctuary City Of Los Angeles Is a sanctuary city. They really do not need plane loads to show up, they have enough even without Texas governor Greg Abbott sending bus loads LA mayor ‘fearful’ that planes of illegal aliens might arrive in city that ‘welcomes immigrants’ Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said […]

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