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Biden To Allow Fewest New Offshore Leases Ever

The guy who has no problem using massive amounts of fossil fuels to take most weekends off, because they are paid for by you the taxpayer, has no problem working to skyrocket your fuel costs. Which, of course, means the cost of everything goes up Interior plans fewest-ever offshore drilling leases The administration plans to […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Culturcidal, with a post on the death of professionalism.

Bidenflation: Girl Scout Cookies More Expensive, Homes Unaffordable For Average America

Everything is pretty much more expensive these days, so, why not Girl Scout cookies? Girl Scout cookies are coming back, and prices are going up Girl Scout cookies are getting more expensive. In some places, at least. At least one New York State chapter, the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, told troop parents and […]

Climate Cult Upset NYC Has So Many Cops But Unprepared For Climate Doom

So, this happened, in case you missed it State of Emergency in New York City due to flooding. pic.twitter.com/3U0rJBfGJX — D. Scott @eclipsethis2003 (@eclipsethis2003) September 29, 2023 Plenty of videos of this, so, of course NYC Is Totally Unprepared for Climate Disaster (but Has a Lot of Cops) New Yorkers trying to get on the […]

Stupid Party Throws Blame At Republicans Trying To Hold The Line On Spending

Can you imagine this happening with Democrats? No matter how extreme the bill is, no matter how crazy it gets with funding, most Democrats will rally behind the bill. You certainly won’t hear them castigating other members for refusing to go along with the Dem agenda, and they’ll essentially just bribe those folks. When you […]

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