Stupid Party Throws Blame At Republicans Trying To Hold The Line On Spending

Can you imagine this happening with Democrats? No matter how extreme the bill is, no matter how crazy it gets with funding, most Democrats will rally behind the bill. You certainly won’t hear them castigating other members for refusing to go along with the Dem agenda, and they’ll essentially just bribe those folks. When you have Republicans trying to limit the insane spending, well, they’re the problem

GOP blames looming shutdown on 21 Republican holdouts

House Republicans are letting loose with criticism of their GOP colleagues who voted against the conference’s short-term funding bill with just a day and a half until a government shutdown.

“There are 21 Republicans who just voted to defund the United States military and keep the border open,” said Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-Wis.). “They need to be called out by name. I mean, this is not a Republican shutdown. This is a shutdown — if we don’t get this done soon — that is caused by 21 individual members of the Republican conference.”

The failed bill would have extended funding until Oct. 31 with spending cuts and included a swath of border policy changes, and was intended to give the House GOP leverage ahead of negotiations with the Democratic-controlled Senate and White House.

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.), a moderate, placed the blame for the looming shutdown directly on Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), one of the most prominent opponents to the stopgap who has also been threatening to vote to remove McCarthy.

“Unfortunately, a handful of people, and in particular a party of one — Matt Gaetz — have chosen to put his own agenda, his own personal agenda, above all else,” Lawler said.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Gaetz had this to say

That’s what this fight in Congress is all about. It’s about making sure the promises we’ve made to voters are fulfilled. The Speaker made promises to me and other lawmakers in January, and I want to hold him to account. To be specific, that agreement includes a vote on term limits, a vote on a balanced budget amendment, single subject spending bills, and the full release of the January 6 tapes. (snip)

We have to stop the fiscal insanity in Washington and get our spending under control. I’m not voting for a continuing resolution that funds Jack Smith’s election interference, dangerous chaos on the southern border, and money for the endless war in Ukraine.

Just think about what it means for Congress to govern by Continuing Resolution. Every time we vote for a continuing resolution, we make no changes in policy or spending. It’s a vote to continue the status quo. If that’s all Congress is going to do, just replace us with AI bots, because we aren’t doing anything. The hearings are fun, but it’s the budgets where real policy changes are made.

The CR would just fund government at crazy levels. It would remove E-Verify. It would fund things that are not conservative. The GOP bill being floated for long term really doesn’t help, either. They can do single subject bills

Oh, and

But, see, the people who are trying for fiscal sanity, protecting the border, and helping the American people are the problem, rather than the GOPe.

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3 Responses to “Stupid Party Throws Blame At Republicans Trying To Hold The Line On Spending”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Real President Trump ordered House MAGAts to shut down the government and blame Brandon. Clever boy.

    McCarthy could have had a vote on the Senate bill, which would likely pass with Dem and moderate GOP votes, but no dice! Why? Because the far-right House MAGAts have him by the short hairs!

    The dysfunctional MAGOP strikes again. Lack of virtue signaling to their “troops”!

  2. Citizen Bob says:

    What does “Military assistance for Israel and Taiwan” have to do with keeping the government open? Oh, I forgot. All those $$$$$ kickbacks that our government employees – from the president down (including that disgusting horde of “dual citizen” traitors that infest our government) get from those places. After all, the pipeline of endless returning tax dollars into their pockets from Ukraine may be drying up in the near future.

    In 1776, our forefathers decided it was time to rid ourselves of foreign entities plundering our nation. Time to again.

  3. Jl says:

    No worries-Brandon sending troops to the Southern border to prevent Texas from securing the Southern border…

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