Bidenflation: Girl Scout Cookies More Expensive, Homes Unaffordable For Average America

Everything is pretty much more expensive these days, so, why not Girl Scout cookies?

Girl Scout cookies are coming back, and prices are going up

Girl Scout cookies are getting more expensive. In some places, at least.

At least one New York State chapter, the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, told troop parents and other members of the community in an email this week that all cookies will be sold for $6 per box this coming cookie season — which takes place from about January to April annually nationwide – up from $5 last year.

“In order to combat rising production and material costs, GSHH will be increasing the price of all cookie packages to $6.00,” the chapter’s interim CEO wrote, adding “we expect our neighboring councils to announce similar increases in the coming weeks and months.”

Some cookies, like S’mores and Toffee-Tastic, were already priced at $6. But now the higher price will apply to other cookies that the troops sell, including the more classic varieties.

Will consumers balk at the raised prices as they’ve already balked at many discretionary items? I guess we’ll see.

Report: Home Prices ‘Unaffordable’ for Average Americans

Average Americans cannot afford to buy a home in a growing number of communities across the United States, according to a report released Thursday by real estate data provider ATTOM.

The report, CBS News noted, details how researchers analyzed 575 United States counties last year and found that 99 percent of those areas have home prices that are out of reach for “the average income earner” making $71,214 a year.

Housing experts blamed a few trends for driving up housing costs.

“Mortgage rates have topped 7%, adding hundreds of dollars per month to a potential house payment,” CBS News reported. “At the same time, homeowners who locked in at lower mortgage rates during the pandemic have opted not to sell out of fear of having to buy another property at today’s elevated rates, depleting the supply of homes for sale.”

How are people supposed to afford homes when they are considerably more expensive in the Age Of Biden? There’s one right down the road which is a bit smaller than my townhome, 1050 square feet vs my 1200, that’s listed for $255K. I bought mine in 2009 for $95K. Even by 2020 the prices hadn’t risen that much, nor in Raleigh. All those people calling and texting if I want to sell have stopped, because most of us won’t sell. Where are we going to go? Make a killing on the sale, but, now lose it for the new home, plus higher rates.

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11 Responses to “Bidenflation: Girl Scout Cookies More Expensive, Homes Unaffordable For Average America”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The US has a housing shortage, hence prices go up. The Fed has been raising rates, hence mortgage rates go up.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear Elwood:

      Actually the pattern has been that housing prices fall when interest rates go up. That reduces demand.

      The market is comprised of:

      First time buyers who typically are heavily impacted by interest rates.

      Buyers who need more space. Typically they can delay purchase with a minimum of problems.

      Buyers who want to “move up” to a nicer home. better neighborhood, better school district, shorter commute. Again, these buyers can delay easily.

      Buyers who want to buy because of an employment change to a new location. Again they can delay by renting.

      Inflation drives the cost of new construction up. This impacts all of the above groups.

      Less demand, less new construction.

      Ipso facto……we have a shortage caused by Biden’s spending.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Donald J. Trump added more debt than has President Biden. Trump increased the debt by 33%. Biden only 9%.

        Republican Ronald Reagan was the first President to add over a trillion to the debt and increased the debt by 160%! The Reagan revolution was funded by tax cuts for the rich and gubmint spending.

        So much of what nuconservatives believe to be true… isn’t.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Never trust an embezzler like Rimjob to interpret or explain money matters.

          Bwaha! Lolgf

      • Professor Hale says:

        Add to that another 7 million new “residents” needing housing just this year. Imagine how much housing would be available if the nearly 40 million illegal aliens went home.

  2. Dana says:

    At the same time, homeowners who locked in at lower mortgage rates during the pandemic have opted not to sell out of fear of having to buy another property at today’s elevated rates, depleting the supply of homes for sale.

    On the other hand, homeowners who locked in at the lower interest rates, and lower prices, are getting wealthier by the day. Their payments are pretty much consistent, save for esgrow changes, and their wages are rising along with inflation, so their mortgage payments are decreasing as percentages of their income.

    The house we bought to rent out to my sister-in-law in December of 2021, for $69,999? The real estate site Zillow guesstimates its current value as $99,900! Our home, purchased for $75,000 cash — no mortgage — in 2014? Zillow guesstimates its current value at $148,500, and Zillow does not know about the improvements we have made to the place.

  3. unklc says:

    At this moment, Auntie M is out shopping for another house for the kids, theirs is leased and it looks like he’s going to be transferred back to the home office with over a year left on the lease. She’s finding the market ‘interesting’. Middle class hood, not many people buying or selling. Some folks are being forced out by employment or similar forces and that produces most of the few available homes.
    Folks already well established generally aren’t selling. Why sell and take the beating, just for the expense of moving? If one has a current mortgage in the 3% range and enough cash to pay off the outstanding balance, they would be somewhat foolish to pay it off when they can make 2+% just by putting the bucks in Treasury Bills at 5+%. When the rates go up, they go up on both ends of the spectrum.
    Brandon is helping his fat cat supporters with the high rates, while the dumb**s voters will continue to vote Dem to their own peril.

  4. H says:

    So it looks like for Dana and Teach, things care going great for themselves under Biden.
    The big trigger for inflation is energy prices. Even though domestic oil production is very high, higher than Trump’s avg, we still must pay the global oil price which is “skyrocketing’ because the Saudis set that price and have been reducing production. But someone has got to pay for their billion dollar sports team purchases and those mega golf tournaments held at Trump courses.
    Domestic electric prices have been going up at an avg national increase of about 2% Gasoline price has gone up 300% since 2000.
    Your good friends the Saudis(who financed 9/11, AlQaeda, and ISIS) control the price, not the POTUS.

    • Jl says:

      Sorry Carbon boy, but the US is still the largest producer, so the price isn’t set by the Saudis. I smell another Carbon boy classic-“Trump’s trillion dollar permanent tax cuts for the elites..”

    • Jo says:

      Johnny, Johnny..”even though domestic oil production is higher than Trump’s average..” You do know that about 90% of US oil production is from private property, so the federal government, which would include Brandon, really doesn’t have that much to do with total oil production. Wasn’t that mention that on your Cherrios box?

  5. H says:

    Teach if you had bothered to check on the data you WANTED to believe, you might have seen that prices “skyrocketed” on Girl scout Cookies started in July of 2020.
    That was when the Girl Scout Council in Iowa first raided the price on cookies from 5$ to 6, 7 months before Biden was inaugurated

    This looks like a classic Biden Derangement Syndrome.

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