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British Warmists Want To Ban All New Homes From Using Natural Gas

Natural gas, propane, and similar fuels have been used for a long, long time in homes for heating and cooking. It’s cheap, it’s affordable, and it’s reliable. A goodly chunk of restaurants use it, as well. But, Warmists have a bee under their burr Climate change: Ban gas grid for new homes ‘in six years […]

Quicktags For Comments

Just a quick word, ability to do quick tags, things like blockquote, link, bold, etc, for the comments has been turned off for the moment. It is an old, old plugin, which is causing issues with the PHP server. I’ll see if there is something else, though, I am looking to start using Disqus soon. […]

If All You See…

…are the colors of a leading carbon pollution nation, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Evil Blogger Lady, with a post on Jussie Smollett being charged with felonies.

Woman Who Voluntarily Joined ISIS Really Wants To Return Home Or Something

Aww, poor baby. She’s given more sympathetic treatment by the Associated Press than a kid who saw an adult get in his face, and was then demonized by the news media ‘ISIS bride’ who says she was born in N.J. banned from returning to U.S., regrets leaving home to join terror group An Alabama woman who […]

NY Times Seems Upset That A Climate Skeptic Will Be Included In A Climate Change Panel

Resident Warmist Coral Davenport highlights why the media is not trusted: this is an opinion piece masquerading as a straight news story. She also manages to highlight that ‘climate change’ believers are not happy with using science White House Panel Will Study Whether Climate Change Is a National Security Threat. It Includes a Climate Denialist. […]

Pelosi Looks To Block Trump Building The Wall With Resolution Or Something

Does she realize that she’s playing right into Trump’s hands, since he will now paint her and all those who vote for it as Open Borders idiots? And that the resolution will not pass the Senate? Pelosi: House moving ‘swiftly’ to block Trump’s emergency declaration Speaker Nancy Pelosi is throwing her muscle behind a legislative […]

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