British Warmists Want To Ban All New Homes From Using Natural Gas

Natural gas, propane, and similar fuels have been used for a long, long time in homes for heating and cooking. It’s cheap, it’s affordable, and it’s reliable. A goodly chunk of restaurants use it, as well. But, Warmists have a bee under their burr

Climate change: Ban gas grid for new homes ‘in six years

New homes should be banned from connecting to the gas grid within six years to tackle climate change, UK government advisers say.

They want new-build homes in the countryside to be warmed by heat pumps – and cooking done on induction hobs, rather than using gas boilers and hobs.

In cities, new housing estates and flats should be kept warm by networks of hot water, says the report.

The water could be heated by waste heat from industry.

An alternative approach is to use heat pumps, which draw warmth from the sea or lakes; or burn gas from waste.

The report, from the independent Committee on Climate Change, recommends these changes are made to new homes at first because it’s much more economical that way. They say it costs £4,800 to install low-carbon heating in a new home, but £26,300 in an existing house.

Or, they could use natural gas, and it would be a lot less expensive, instead of relying on these other methods, which you can bet aren’t being used in the homes of these UK gov’t advisors.

What’s more, these systems will only work if homes are insulated to the highest standards so they need little heating.

This will mean that homeowners will see the cost of new construction skyrocket, as will energy bills, putting these homes out of the price of many people.

The committee’s spokesperson Prof Julia King told us: “This generation of home-owners is cheating its children by leaving homes which are completely inadequate for an age of climate change.

“They’re too cold in winter and increasingly, as the climate continues to warm, they are going to become too hot in the summer.”

So, greenhouse gases are making it too cold? Weirdos. Nutjobs.

“The reason carbon emissions are rising again in homes is the decision by the Cameron government to slash funding for home energy efficiency,” Ed Matthew, from the climate think tank E3G, told the BBC.

Is this really the government’s job? Or is it just another way to have more control over people’s lives?

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7 Responses to “British Warmists Want To Ban All New Homes From Using Natural Gas”

  1. StillAlive says:

    As for James HANSEN:,1495975

    Scroll down a bit. You get the idea.

    More of James Hansen silliness:

    Addressing the Climate Change Research Conference this week, Hansen said if “business as usual” continues, world temperatures will rise by 3.6 to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit and “we will be producing a different planet.”


    Mr. Hansen doubled down. In a 2007 case on auto emissions, he stated in his deposition that most of Greenland’s ice would soon melt, raising sea levels 23 feet over the course of 100 years. Subsequent research published in Nature magazine on the history of Greenland’s ice cap demonstrated this to be impossible. Much of Greenland’s surface melts every summer, meaning rapid melting might reasonably be expected to occur in a dramatically warming world. But not in the one we live in. The Nature study found only modest ice loss after 6,000 years of much warmer temperatures than human activity could ever sustain.

    About Greenland:

    Greenland’s ice sheet kicked off 2017 gaining about eight gigatons of snow and ice, which is well above what’s usually added to the ice sheet Jan. 1 for the last 24 years, according to Danish meteorologists.

    By Climatologist Cliff Harris

    Like the glaciers in Alaska and the huge Antarctic Icecap, the Greenland Ice Sheet is showing signs of growth, particularly in the interior regions of the enormous island.

    Browse: Home / 2018 / February / 27 / Record Cold In Europe…Greenland Adds 12 Billion Tonnes Of Snow And Ice *****In Single Day….Enough to Cover 275 Manhattans*****!

    As for the sea ice in the north pole I said it is consistent with the 7 feet of thickness.

    From NSIDC.

    The average rate of daily ice growth of 51,200 square kilometers (19,800 square miles) was faster than the long-term average. Ice growth primarily occurred in the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk in the Pacific sector as well as in the Labrador and Kara Seas. Some ice spread to the northeast of Svalbard, while retreating slightly to the northwest of these islands. Total ice extent was tracking at eighth lowest on January 31, with below average extent in nearly all sectors of the Arctic.

    Notice the ice is growing when Hansen said in testimony in 1987 that in 10 years the arctic would be ice free. If this is true then how does the sea ice continue to grow each year when it should all be gone by the year 2000?

    ******“Hansen, echoing work by other scientists, said that in five to 10 years, the Arctic will be free of ice in summer.”******* I don’t have to site my sources. This is public testimony to CONGRESS.

    I could go on and on with Zach trying to refute me and use Saul Alinsky tactics as in ridicule the person for his posts. All of my research is public record. It is testimony to congress or the EU and is there for everyone to dig up. Don’t let the Zachs of the world try to lie you into believing in AGW. Its a scam and The list of PHD’s saying so is growing astronomically on almost a daily basis.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      If Saul Alinsky used facts and reason, then yes Zachriel used Alinsky tactics to rebut your claims. End. Of. Story.

      Is it really your claim that the Earth is warming because of changes in atmospheric pressure?

      We were under the impression you and the Covians only relied on scientific proof, not appeals to “authority”.

      Did YOU sign the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine petition? Gerri Halliwell (Spice Girl) did, as did Drs Burns, Honeycutt, and Pierce.

      • StillAlive says:

        Your attention to detail is astonishing.

        I love how you fight facts with Ridicule. Saul Alinsky taught you well.

        As with any open petition is it free for anyone to sign. The facts remain that many thousands of legitimate scientists have signed the petition. The Russians and the Chinese are not on board with AGW at all. Perhaps it is political. the Russians have offered their research. The west refuses. I wonder why. Zach keeps telling us that all FOIA requests have been honored. They have not. In fact East Angelica still refuses to release their information used in reaching their AGW conclusions.

        Refute the Danish Metorlogical society? Refute the fact that the newspapers were filled with the world is getting colder articles up until the 1980’s. Its easy to find them. It’s called google. All the TOP climatologists were on the global freezing bandwagon.

        Why is that important? Because the Noaa and NASA show no cooling during this time and in fact their graphs totally eliminate the medevial warm period and old graphs put out by them vs new graphs put out by them show they have reduced the warming in 1934 while increasing the warming in 2015-2018.

        Why is that important. Their is a pause to any warming which is barely .5 degrees over the last 100 years. Not the 1.5 degrees they claim. How do we fact check them? You cant. The data comes to them from satellites and then they get to do with the data as they please.

        They can’t seem to get their models to predict anything accurately. Why is that Elwood. Could it because they are imputing false data to try and reach a preordained conclusion? Warming occurs because of atmospheric pressure and gases in the atmosphere.

        Jupiter is totally clouded over and light from the sun cannot penetrate to the surface yet probes sent into Jupiter show immense atmospheric pressure and very high temperatures. This is in effect the green house effect for all to see.

        Green house gas would have destroyed the planet millions of years ago when it was 4400 ppm. Measured and verified. Instead the planet was lush and teeming with life. The temperature only grew a balmy 14 degrees warmer than today. F not C. By the calculations of the Crazies of AGW 500 ppm will give us 2 degrees so for every 500 ppm added thats 2 degrees C not F. so by their own recknoning we will have 16-18 degrees Centigrade warming using their predictive models.

        If there was any sense of rationality to the AGW bandwagon I would consider it, but too much hocus pocus is being used and to many CRY WOLVES have been shouted only to come and pass with nothing of the sort happening.

        JAMES HANSEN whom the leftist in congress deemed a ****Prophet**** has been wrong on every single prediction but yet his predictions were intended to scare the bejesus out of everyone.

        Obama’s energy CZAR said we will only end dependence upon gasoline if gas prices hit 8-10 dollars per gallon. Why do you even want that to happen when you have nothing to replace it.

        The current cold spell griping the United States is also with very little wind and lots of cloud cover. We would be dying left and right if all we relied on was Solar and wind to keep us warm.

        As for Solar Cycles it is obvious to any scientist that the sunspot cycles directly correlate to warmth of the sun and solar irradiance. Today the sun is dormant and is fully expected to be that way for at least the next 30 plus years bringing with it what you are SEEING TODAY all across EUROPE and NORTH AMERICA.

        It snowed 4 inches in Las Vegas. It snowed again in the deserts of Saudia Arabia. It is snowing on the beaches of Greece and in fact it is pretty much snowing everywhere. Where I live I have not seen temperatures at night about 10 degrees in three weeks now. I would be sure to thank YOU and AOC when rolling blackouts from no electricity to keep me warm because all we have is windmills silent and no solar power to keep me warm.

  2. StillAlive says:

    31,487 American scientists have signed this petition,
    including 9,029 with PhDs

    this is only the American Scientists. This does not include world wide scientists and almost the entire community of Chinese and Russian Scientists dispute AGW in all its forms.

  3. ST says:

    Video – Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson: Smollett has done real harm to actual hate crime victims

    ps. would you consider adding CC to your blogroll? Thanks!

  4. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    What’s more, these systems will only work if homes are insulated to the highest standards so they need little heating.

    This will mean that homeowners will see the cost of new construction skyrocket, as will energy bills, putting these homes out of the price of many people.

    Not really: most new homes are already constructed with a high degree of insulation, and new insulation methods have been coming on the market for years. Quite frankly, insulation is one of the cheapest things you can put in your home. Modern windows are expensive, but builders have been putting them in new homes for a while now.

    The biggest problem with heat pumps is that they don’t work all that well when temperatures get down around 10º F or lower; there just isn’t that much heat to extract from the atmosphere at that point. My heat pump has an “emergency heat” cycle, for that situation, but I have added a gas fireplace for supplemental heat; when the sparktricity goes out around here, it’s out for a long time. That’s why we went from total electric to a gas range, hot water heater and the gas fireplace. We can still live at home when the power goes out.

    When we lived in the Poconos, the power went out for thirty hours on Christmas Day of 2002. Our heat was a fuel oil powered boiler, but it still required electricity to run. I added a wood stove to that house.

    And, of course, electricity for those heat pumps has to come from somewhere, and that means, in the UK, coal and natural gas burning power plants.

  5. JGlanton says:

    “This generation of home-owners is cheating its children…”

    This generation of socialist leaders is cheating the children out of homes, food, warmth, toys, cars, education, etc., by making everything less affordable and government-controlled.

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