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Open Borders Advocates Are Unhappy Over ICE Being Alerted When An Illegal Applies For A Firearm

It’s illegal for a non-resident to possess a firearm, except under a very small set of circumstances, usually having to do with hunting or security, and both came with a heavy dose of restrictions. Makes sense, right? Well, you already surely know that Democrats attempted to sneak in a provision to their check backgrounds and […]

If All You See…

…is a lake that will soon flood the surrounding countryside from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Creeping Sharia, with a post on an Islamist activist wanting to use schools to convert kids to Islam.

Americans Prefer Building A Wall Over The Green New Disaster Deal

I still maintain that there are much better ideas to solving illegal immigration than the focus on the wall, but, it’s still better than the Modern Socialist GND Poll: Majority of Americans Favor a Border Wall over a Green New Deal A majority of Americans would rather have a wall sealing America’s southern border than […]

Bummer: Democrats Are Grappling With How They Vote On The Green New Deal (And Not Vote At All)

We’ve already seen one report on this, now along comes The Hill to make it more clear Dems wrestle over how to vote on ‘Green New Deal’ Senate Democratic leaders are grappling over how to vote on a controversial climate change proposal that is being championed by progressives and mocked by conservatives. The plan, offered […]

Washington Post: Cohen Hearings Were Explosive Or Something

The Washington Post Editorial Board takes on the Michael Cohen, remember, he’s going to jail and one the convictions is for lying to Congress, hearings, and think they have the goods! Michael Cohen’s hearing was explosive — but not for what was new FORMER TRUMP lawyer Michael Cohen’s Wednesday hearing before the House Oversight Committee was explosive […]

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