Americans Prefer Building A Wall Over The Green New Disaster Deal

I still maintain that there are much better ideas to solving illegal immigration than the focus on the wall, but, it’s still better than the Modern Socialist GND

Poll: Majority of Americans Favor a Border Wall over a Green New Deal

A majority of Americans would rather have a wall sealing America’s southern border than the Green New Deal, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

Fifty-one percent of Americans say that they would rather have a border wall on America’s southern border, compared to 31 percent who say that they want a Green New Deal, according to a poll released by Remington Research Group.

Republicans said that they would prefer a border wall by a 68-point margin, while Independents said that they would prefer a border wall by a two-to-one margin.

Overall, a majority of Americans, or 51 percent, said they oppose a Green New Deal, 51 percent of Democrats support the radical environmental program, while Republicans and Independents overwhelmingly oppose Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) idea outright.

The more they learn about the GND the more they will come out against it, especially Independents and your ordinary Democrats.

Now, just clear something up, based on an email I received, let’s define Modern Socialism. We refer to Democrats as Progressives (which is referred to as Nice Fascism. The nice doesn’t mean they’re nice, it means they are doing things For Your Own Good, never expecting the bad parts to hurt their own lives), Marxist, Communists, straight Fascists, and Socialists. But, what is Socialism? In Political Theory 101, it is part of the Democracy model, with Liberalism (often called Classic Liberalism) in the center and Conservatism (again, often called Classic. American Conservatives are really classic liberals) to the right. There are three defining cores: Economic, Political, and Moral.

True Socialism is focused on the Economic, where the government is heavily involved in running the economy, up to and including owning the means of production. That is the defining characteristic. In the Political, this is where the term Direct Democracy comes from: there are few restrictions on voting, and we vote on everything. In the Moral, the government stays out of our private lives in almost everything. It pretty much leaves us alone.

And that’s where we get the Modern Socialist name: yes, they want the Economic policies as the model states, but, they want the control of citizens’ lives even more than you would get in Classic Conservatism. Really more into the Authoritarian model (which includes Fascism). They want the Government to dictate everything about our personal lives (and still never think this would negatively effect their own lives).

As for the Political, they are fine with voting on everything, as long as they win. Because they won’t accept when they lose. We see this with Trump winning. We see this with all the lawsuits.

Continuing to call it Progressivism doesn’t help, because the average person goes “huh? Not sure what that is.” You say Socialism, or Modern Socialism, and they get it. And their GND is a giant step towards enacting their policies.

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One Response to “Americans Prefer Building A Wall Over The Green New Disaster Deal”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    DAMN! That means we are getting the GND. Just like the ACA. We always get exactly the opposite of what we want.

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