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Woman Who Voluntarily Joined ISIS Really Wants To Return Home Or Something

Aww, poor baby. She’s given more sympathetic treatment by the Associated Press than a kid who saw an adult get in his face, and was then demonized by the news media ‘ISIS bride’ who says she was born in N.J. banned from returning to U.S., regrets leaving home to join terror group An Alabama woman who […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ To Fuel More Wars And Extremism Is Middle East

See, it’s Muslim extremism that’s the problem, or the very notion that the Middle East region has been in conflict for pretty much forever, no, it’s because you drove a fossil fueled vehicle to pick the kids up and purchase evil world killing steaks Climate change will fuel more wars and displacement in the Middle […]

ISIS Inspired Suicide Bomber Hits Times Square, Only Hurts Himself

Thank goodness that Bill DeBlasio is so concerned with climate change and horse drawn carriages (NY Post)  An ISIS-inspired suicide bomber set off a homemade explosive device at the Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station Monday morning, law enforcement sources said. The man — a 27-year-old who lived in Brooklyn and is possibly of Bangladeshi […]

Islamists Take Hostages In Bangladesh: Probably The Fault Of the Guns

Quick, pass some gun laws! (Fox News) DEVELOPING: A group of up to nine attackers set off bombs and took hostages while shouting “Allahu Akbar” inside a restaurant frequented by both locals and foreigners in a diplomatic zone in Bangladesh’s capital, local media reported Friday. ISIS’ Amaq News Agency later reported that ISIS fighters carried […]

JV Team Has Plans To Kill Jewish Children

Yet, liberals are worried about bathrooms for gender confused people (Daily Caller) ISIS is now planning to kill Jewish children in Turkish schools, kindergartens, and youth centers. Sky News understands Islamic State has advanced plans to murder Jewish children in Turkey targeting kindergartens, schools and youth centres — Sky News Newsdesk (@SkyNewsBreak) March 28, 2016 […]

Calling Radical Islam Radical Islam Is Super Mean Or Something

Have you noticed that Liberals seem to be more concerned with not offending hardcore Muslim practitioners and extremists than going after hardcore Islamists? Oh, and creating strawmen arguments. Over at CNN, John McWhorter writes a whopper of a tale Should we call it ‘radical Islam’? Republicans who despise Democrats such as Hillary Clinton for describing […]

Islamists Attack Hotel In Mali, Take 170 Hostage

The funny part is how many news outlets are using a headline which says “gunman“, rather than something like Islamists or Muslims. It’s like they’re trying to instead blame the guns. As Obama once said, words matter Gunmen attack luxury hotel in Mali capital, 170 taken hostage Islamist gunmen stormed a luxury hotel packed with […]

Washington Post Editorial Board Goes Warmonger On ISIS

On one hand, this editorial makes sense. There is a need for a war resolution/authorization for dealing with ISIS. Let’s not forget, though, that the Washington Post was a big advocate for the 2003 Iraq war, before turning against it for political purposes. On the other hand, this seems a way to Blame Congress and […]

After Year Long Bombing Campaign, ISIS No Weaker

The first problem with the bombing campaign is that it has been piecemeal, rather than a sustained, comprehensive assault. There has been some success, with ISIS losing some ground in Iraq and Syria, they’ve had to change some of their operational patterns, and plenty of ISIS members have gone to see if they really do […]

ISIS Reveals That They Really Love Gardening

They decided to take a brief break from their typical atrocities Come for the jihad… stay for the gardening: ISIS reveals its latest recruitment tactic to tempt militants – a new garden centre to visit when they’re not murdering people Islamic State have released their most boring and uninspiring propaganda photos on social media today, […]

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