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Big Earthquake In Alaska

Been away from the stuff for a bit, this is shocking https://twitter.com/LoveGoddessNY/status/1068576170113974278 Just scrolling through the photos and videos of the event, which has been measured at 7.0, which can feel stronger in someplace like Alaska with harder soil and more bedrock than California. The tsunami alert has been cancelled, but people are being told […]

House Democrats First Bill Pretty Much Targeting Un-Constitutional, Invasion Of Privacy Issues

When feeding your unhinged base runs smack-dab into the wall of “no, you can’t do that” House Democrats’ 1st bill targets big donors, voting access House Democrats are unveiling their first bill for the new Congress, a good-government package to limit big money in politics, make it easier for citizens to vote and require presidents […]

If All You See…

…are mountains devoid of glaciers due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 357 Magnum, with a post on self defense being legal in West Virginia.

Surprise: Heavy Gun Control Has No Impact On Suicide Nor Homicide Rates

What better state to use as your petri dish than California? Study: Gun Control Laws Have No Impact on Suicide, Homicide The Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) at UC Davis and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducted a study about the impact California’s gun control laws have had on homicide and suicide rates over the last […]

Gender Equality Is The Solution To ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Wait, did they just assume gender? Gender equity is the most overlooked solution for climate change The list of solutions to climate change usually focuses on technology: solar power, electric cars, devices that suck carbon out of the atmosphere. But one impactful solution is often overlooked. At TEDWomen, TED’s conference focused on women and girls, environmentalist Katharine […]

People Not Blaming Trump For GM Plant Closures, Washington Post Hardest Hit

I can just picture Washington Post writer Jenna Johnson going to her editor and stomping her feet as she tells him/her that her story is a bust as no one is Blaming Trump, and the editor says “meh, go ahead and run it, You Tried” Many hurt by GM cuts blame others, not Trump: ‘It’s […]

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