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Study: Natural Processes Pretty Much Causing Arctic Sea Loss

The authors of this study, and the various articles about it, try and paint a picture where Mankind is also very much a cause, but, nope, move on Warmists Models show natural swings in the Earth’s climate contribute to Arctic sea ice loss Arctic sea ice loss in the last 37 year is not due […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that will soon rise up and swamp the land, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on yet another reason Trump was elected. Good grief, second day in a row for tagging the photo. Replaced with something else.

“It’s OK To Be White” Fliers Found At NJ College, People Lose It

I’ll be honest, when I see stuff like this I really do consider whether it’s really a false flag. It’s not like Leftists haven’t been responsible for creating all sorts of fake “hate” crimes. And then use the fake but real excuse when caught ‘It’s okay to be white’ fliers at N.J. college called ‘abhorrent […]

Reporters Press Trump On ‘Climate Change’, An Issue That Doesn’t Drive Most Voters

You might be saying “Teach, if anthropogenic climate change is such a minor, tiny, immaterial issue, why blog so much about it?” Well, I remember asking Ed Morrissey, back when he was known as Captain Ed at Captain’s Quarters, why focus so much on 9/11 Truth. He responded with something like “because you have to […]

Election Day 2018: What Happens? Who Wins?

Everyone has their own two cents on what will maybe possibly happen (Fox News) It’s finally here. After hundreds of campaign rallies, billions of dollars in donations, a nonstop blitz of TV advertising and polling that’s been in full swing since summer, Election Day has arrived – and with it, voters’ midterm verdict on whether […]

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