Reporters Press Trump On ‘Climate Change’, An Issue That Doesn’t Drive Most Voters

You might be saying “Teach, if anthropogenic climate change is such a minor, tiny, immaterial issue, why blog so much about it?” Well, I remember asking Ed Morrissey, back when he was known as Captain Ed at Captain’s Quarters, why focus so much on 9/11 Truth. He responded with something like “because you have to beat the nuts back or they gain traction.” Same with ‘climate change.’ The nuts won’t give up, despite being such low hanging fruit


President Donald Trump pushed back on reporters who confronted him with a government report on global warming, saying he knew of “scientists that very much dispute it.”

“Well, I think we’ve contributed, we certainly contribute, I mean, there’s certain pollutants that go up and there’s certain things that happen,” Trump said in an interview with Axios reporters that aired on HBO Sunday night.

Axios reporters thought bringing a copy of the most recent National Climate Assessment (NCA) would make it harder for Trump to question its findings. It didn’t work.

Axios’s Jonathan Swan said scientists “say the overwhelming cause for the last 50 years” is human activity, to which Trump responded, “I don’t necessarily agree.” (snip)

Trump seemed to take a “lukewarmer” stance on global warming during the interview. “Lukewarmers” agree that humans contribute to warming, but that contribution is probably much less than the NCA and many other scientists say it is.

“Is there climate change? Yeah. Will it go back like this, I mean will it change back? Probably,” Trump said. “Man and women, we do have an impact, but I don’t believe the impact is merely what some say and other scientists that dispute those findings very strongly.”

Man-caused global warming/climate change was barely a blip on the radar for most elections this century, and has gotten less so as time goes on. Even Democrats only bring it up as an afterthought, for the most part. Usually while pimping more taxation. Speaking of taxation

Washington State Could Become The First To Charge A Carbon Fee


The initiative has garnered broad support in the more urban, liberal parts of the state. A large coalition of environmental groups, businesses, tribes and social justice organizations say it is the “necessary first step” in fighting climate that will set an example for other states across the nation.

Initiative 1631 places a fee on carbon emissions of $15 dollars per ton that would increase each year by $2 per ton until the state meets its greenhouse gas reduction goals. The fee will generate $2.3 billion during the first five years, which could be used for a broad range of environmental and climate-related projects

So, big city leftists are enthused about it. Wait till they find out it will actually hit them in their own wallets.

Dave Creveling’s family has raised cows in the Methow Valley on the eastern side of the Cascade mountains since just after the civil war.

“Nobody makes any money running cows. It’s just a way of life and that’s the way it’s always been,” Creveling says. His family may be land rich, but Creveling says everyone in the business is cash poor. And that’s where the climate change ballot initiative gets him.

Fossil fuel companies are free to pass the costs of the carbon fee on to customers. According to an independent estimate, the carbon fee would increase gasoline prices by up to 14 cents per gallon per year. Heating, electricity and natural gas prices would also rise.

I actually want them to pass the initiative, so the rest of the country can see just what Cult of Climastrology policies bring about.

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4 Responses to “Reporters Press Trump On ‘Climate Change’, An Issue That Doesn’t Drive Most Voters”

  1. Jethro says:

    TRump has adopted the latest Denier trope, “It’s warming but we can’t do anything about it.”

    TRump says what his base expects.

  2. Jl says:

    Trump has rejected the latest alarmist trope, “It’s warming and the earth is in danger, even though we can’t prove it”.

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