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Surprise: Threat Of ‘Climate Change’ Requires We Change The Way We Live

Funny how it always comes down to this, as pushed by people who refuse to do the same in their own lives Threat of climate change requires ‘revolution in how we live’, says Bruton If Ireland is to respond adequately to the threat of climate change it will require “a revolution in how we live”, […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful low carbon bike which Everyone Else should be forced to use, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on the death of the red state Democrat.

#NeverTrump Is Upset That Republicans Lost After Calling For Them To Lose

Look, you don’t have to be a fan of Donald Trump. I get it. I’ve said before that the last thing I did on election day was decide whether I could vote for Trump or just leave the space blank. At the end of the day, Trump is mostly doing Republican/Conservative things. He’s given us […]

Bummer: Voters Still Voting Against Stopping “Ecological Disaster”

I find it interesting that people who refuse to change their own lives to accord with their ‘climate change’ beliefs, and often have bigger carbon footprints than average, are always shocked that their attempts to require people to pay more in taxes, raise their cost of living, and control their lives fail OUR CLIMATE IS […]

Democrats Are Super Enthused To Demand Trump’s IRS Returns In Next House Session

In attempting to force the release of Trump’s tax records to a House committee, there is a large competing interest in invasion of privacy by the government and the public’s right to know. The IRS may not release an individual’s or entities income tax returns without a valid reason, and those returns still cannot be […]

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