Surprise: Threat Of ‘Climate Change’ Requires We Change The Way We Live

Funny how it always comes down to this, as pushed by people who refuse to do the same in their own lives

Threat of climate change requires ‘revolution in how we live’, says Bruton

If Ireland is to respond adequately to the threat of climate change it will require “a revolution in how we live”, according to the new Minister for Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton.

In his first statement on climate change, Mr Bruton said he was determined to make Ireland a leader in climate action, and announced he is to lead in the development of an “all of Government” plan which set out what actions every department must take in response to climate change. (snip)

Being a leader meant “acting now, stretching ourselves and seizing the enterprise opportunities in a low carbon economy, including the new circular and bioeconomies. Being a follower means the final costs of adjustment are much higher and opportunities much lower or completely lost”.

He added: “It will require a revolution in how we live. Every person, every community, every business, every home and every school will have to make changes in the way we live and work and learn. Nothing less will do if we are to make the changes that are needed to create a sustainable future for everyone.” (snip)

The central ambition of “the all of Government plan” would be to make Ireland a leader in responding to climate change. He would seek to work with colleagues in government to develop new initiatives across electricity, transport, heat, as well as a range of other sectors.

To beat the same theme as I always do, elites, some in government, some not, getting government to control the way citizens live their lives. What is it you call that type of government?

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One Response to “Surprise: Threat Of ‘Climate Change’ Requires We Change The Way We Live”

  1. Sabre22 says:

    I’ll start believing this BS is real when i see all these Global BS warming advocates start living like they preach. with no carbon offsets (what a scam that is).

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