#NeverTrump Is Upset That Republicans Lost After Calling For Them To Lose

Look, you don’t have to be a fan of Donald Trump. I get it. I’ve said before that the last thing I did on election day was decide whether I could vote for Trump or just leave the space blank. At the end of the day, Trump is mostly doing Republican/Conservative things. He’s given us two fantastic SCOTUS picks. He is fighting back against the media and Democrats in a consistent and constant manner. Perhaps, maybe a bit too much, but, as Vox Day points out in SJWs Always Lie, you have to hit them back twice as hard. We’ve been begging for Republicans to fight back, not go squish like they usually do.

But, #NeverTrump is so infused with their Trump Derangement Syndrome that they just can’t give him any credit whatsoever. And here we have the Washington Post’s “Conservative” Max Boot

So, the squishy Republicans, ie, those who so often side with Democrats, lost. But, hey, also Max Boot

That’s right, he called for voting against every single Republican, and when a bunch lose, he complains. So many #NeverTrumpers are also complaining. Here’s what we see at the used-to-be-Conservative Outside The Beltway

There were some satisfying outcomes, wherein rather unsavory characters were defeated. Scott Walker, who was leading big when I went to bed last night, lost. Republican firebrand Kris Kobach lost in deep red Kansas. Joe Manchin, perhaps the only conservative Democrat left in national politics, handily won re-election in red West Virginia.

Alas, Ted Cruz won (as expected) over Beto O’Rourke, whose popularity nationally (including in my Virginia neighborhood) didn’t translate into enough votes in deep red Texas. Brian Kemp’s voter suppression campaign in Georgia was more than enough to overcome even Oprah Winfrey’s intervention. Ron Desantis’ racist dog whistles seem to have worked; then again Andrew Gillum was likely too progressive for red-leaning Florida.

Because of Trump, Republicans are rebelling against all things Republican. Washington Post “conservative” Jennifer Rubin is thrilled that Democrats retook the House and upset that they didn’t get the Senate. S.E. Cupp has lost her mind during her association with CNN

They don’t have to help if they object, but, they are actively attempting to help Democrats win.

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9 Responses to “#NeverTrump Is Upset That Republicans Lost After Calling For Them To Lose”

  1. formwiz says:

    SE Cupp (would that was her, oh well) is right. And it was a good night for the Republican Party.

    Overall House losses weren’t that bad, but, when you include the 100 or so Whigs who “retired” so they could create a Democrat House, you now have a Congress without Paul Ryans or St John of Hanois and a House that can be flipped back more easily in ’20.

  2. I don’t know why the Left is so angry all the time. At most, Trump is an aberration in American politics. He will be gone in another 6 years and the Republicans will go back to nominating Romney-Bush-McCain-Bush-Bush again. At most, the leftist long march to communism was delayed by about 8 years. They are all still going to succeed in turning the USA into a third world country. They won’t even have to wait that long. So why do they act like Trump is putting them into concentration camps and gassing them?

    • formwiz says:

      No, people are seeing they can win. It’s kind of like the advent iof talk radio, Fox News under Ailes, and the Internet.

      Conservatives found they were stronger than they knew. Same here. And the Whigs have pretty much purged themselves from the House and, now that they’re out, they’ll find the can’t go back in again, having cut off their noses to spite their faces.

  3. I swear, Pelosi look younger every year. I don’t know how she does it, but I’m guessing either the blood of unicorns or a hot blond locked in a tower somewhere is involved.

  4. Mangoldielocks says:

    I don’t think he is complaining at all. I have always said the people in power dont care who is in power. Oh they strut around and pretend they do but behind the scenes they are bosum buddies cashing their huge payouts from lobbiests.

    In this election the democrats outspent the GOP by a margain that is staggering. In all the GOP districts up for grabs the GOP was outspent 10-1.

    the party that hates wall street and billionaires and PAC money used all 3 to win back a staggering amount of state, local and national seats along with about 7 governorships.

    In the end, this party is a party of nationalists but I beg to differ with this So called conservative who is actually a globalist. There are a good number of Blacks and Latinos joining the movement.

    One has to remember that the GOP had 65 house members quit and not seek reelection. Incumbents win 90 percent of the time. Had the GOP not had such an egregious loss of incumbents I honestly think they might have held the house.

    But by and large….the fact Democratic billionaires, Wall Street, the MSP or Main Stream Progaganda machine along with super PACS run by Nanny Pelosi pumped incredible sums of money into several races.

    The never trumpers fill the airwaves. So many ex Romney and McCain sidekicks fill the airwaves at CNN and MSNBC trashing Bush and the nationalism on the rise. We have a war(Figuratively) on many fronts with very few allies and the battles will be legion and the losses many.

    The world is fighting to take over America. Conservatives are fighting to keep it in the hands of Americans and everyone else is against us.

    • formwiz says:

      Remember Ryan and his Whig buddies in the House starved the House races of any cash or help.

      They wanted the Demos to win if they couldn’t.

      Now they’re out, but I doubt their pals, the Demos, will let them back in.

  5. Mangoldielocks says:

    Trashing BUSH….LOL I have that man on my mind. I meant Trahing trump but Bush singlehandedly destroyed the GOP with his incessant wars. Invading Iraq and even Afghanistan. He wanted to be that Globalist nation builder and everytime I see Karl Rove on Fox I want to puke. What is so sad about The Bush Presidency was that he never fought back. he hid in the white house like the little man he was and let his surrogate fight for him. Its no wonder everyone believes Chenny was actually president and I voted for Bush Twice.

  6. Mangoldielocks says:

    I know I sound bitter but I am not in the least. You get what you paid for and the Democrats opened up their wallets big time and bought themselves an election.

  7. Dana says:

    Max Boot was born to Jewish parents in the Soviet Union. He got lucky; they were allowed to emigrate, and settled in the United States. Josef Stalin, the murderer of millions, was a notorious anti-Semite, but the esteemed Mr Boot said that he’d sooner vote for Josef Stalin than Donald Trump.

    The man is highly educated and well respected, but he’s still a moron.

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