House Democrats First Bill Pretty Much Targeting Un-Constitutional, Invasion Of Privacy Issues

When feeding your unhinged base runs smack-dab into the wall of “no, you can’t do that”

House Democrats’ 1st bill targets big donors, voting access

House Democrats are unveiling their first bill for the new Congress, a good-government package to limit big money in politics, make it easier for citizens to vote and require presidents to disclose their tax returns.

The legislation, called H.R. 1, sets the tone for Democrats as they take the majority in January.

The bill would create national voter registration and expand access to early, online voting. It would increase federal support for state voter systems, including paper ballots to prevent fraud.

Political groups would need to disclose donors, and members of Congress would be barred from serving on corporate boards.

In a nod to President Donald Trump’s resistance to releasing his tax returns, the bill would require presidents to do so. It also would create a Supreme Court ethics code.

Taking the last, the Constitution lays out what the provisions are for a person to be president. There is nothing about requiring the release of tax returns. Further, this is a violation of several parts of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in terms of invasion of privacy, as well as tax code laws.

Expanding access to early voting butts up against States Rights, even potentially for presidential elections.

Disclosing donors could hurt Democrat groups, and, could very well violate privacy Constitutional provisions and existing law.

A SCOTUS ethics code? Could very well be a separation of powers violation.

Now, if they really wanted to do something, pass a law regarding members of Congress, their staffs, and their families benefiting financially from insider knowledge of upcoming legislation. And term limits.

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5 Responses to “House Democrats First Bill Pretty Much Targeting Un-Constitutional, Invasion Of Privacy Issues”

  1. Mangoldielocks says:

    they pretty much put all the frothing at the mouth far lefts agenda in one bill so it can automatically be vetoed or for that matter not even taken up in the Senate. Therefore throwing a bone to the far left and appeasing them.

    They want to say they tried, while knowing that they failed.

    This is so like all those awesome GOP’ers who PROMISED to repeal and replace Obamacare, then when they actually had the opportunity they never even had a bill ready to go that would do that very thing. They were shocked the found themselves in power in all 3 branches and so. The truth is they all lied out their asses to their constituents knowing they could never get past Obama and for that matter never believing they would ever have a chance to strike pay dirt.

  2. formwiz says:

    Since they need passage from the Senate and a signature from the President, this is just showboating.

    That majority is looking shakier every day.

  3. Jethro says:

    The commenter who predicted that some of the new Representatives might not be seated was correct!

    North Carolina’s board of elections on Friday declined to certify Mark Harris’ apparent victory in a U.S. House of Representatives race, calling instead for a public hearing to investigate claims of voter fraud and irregularities.

    Harris edged Dan McCready by 905 votes in the Nov. 6 congressional election. But the validity of hundreds of mail-in absentee ballots from a rural county has been called into question.

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