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Washington Post: Carrot Dogs Are The Next Big Thing At Cookouts

Remember, the Washington Post, by virtue of being the main newspaper for America’s capital city, is one of the leading newspapers in the world. And they paid someone to write this and allowed it to be published (via Twitchy) The most unexpected (and welcome) guest at your next cookout: Carrot dogs https://t.co/PQryRev9gs — The Washington […]

If All You See…

…is a field soon to be destroyed by flooddrought, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Chicks On The Right, with a post on Publix bowing to King Hogg.

Sick: Irish Referendum To End Abortion Ban Looks Like It May Succeed

There’s no final tally yet on the actual vote for repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland, which bans the murder of the unborn, but the exit polls look promising for the baby killers. This, though, is one of the sickest takes on what amounts to baby murder, and you know I usually avoid getting into […]

Having A Problem With The Emoticon Pack

For some reason, the Monalisa emoticon plugin decided to do something weird, so a bunch of emoticons need to be relinked (which is why I never upgrade the plugin, but, it ended up getting upgraded, long story). Won’t be able to fix till tomorrow or so.

Racial Resentment Might Maybe Possibly Be Fueling Climate Denial Or Something

A scorching hot take linking two of the Progressives favorite things, raaaaacism and ‘climate change’ Racial resentment may be fueling climate denial, study finds What began as a way of trolling Prius drivers became a signature protest against America’s first black president — rolling coal. Drivers spend hundreds or thousands of dollars retrofitting their trucks so they […]

Good Guy With A Gun In Oklahoma: “I’m Here To Help”

It’s actually rather shocking that a national news outlet would publish a piece showing good guys with guns in a positive manner. Give it up for Christal Hayes at the USA Today, who might have slipped this through at 5:18pm Friday once all the big wigs went off to their Leftist cocktail parties Armed citizen […]

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