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Woman Playing Race Card After Traffic Stop Shocked To Learn Of This “Body Cam” Thingy

Everyone wants to be a Victim, some more than others. But, in today’s society, they should remember there are tons of different technologies that may well be recording them. An officer having a body cam is kinda shocking, eh? South Carolina woman’s claims of being harassed by ‘white cop’ are questioned as new footage emerges […]

If All You See…

…is a world turning to desert from too much carbon pollution atmosphere cancer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post on equality and paying bills.

FYI On The F Word

Just a note. I was taking a period look at the spam que, because sometimes things end up there that I want to rescue, and noticed a bunch of comments in the trash bin. They’re there because the F word was in the comments. At least one of the tools used for WordPress, could be […]

Ant Hill To Mountain: Simple Case Of Employees Being Fired Turned Into “Disturbing Trend”

This is the kind of idiocy we’re dealing with in today’s society of everyone being a Victim and having to have a National Conversation on everything A ‘disturbing trend’: Duke president issues statement following coffee shop firing Three days after two baristas were fired from a coffee shop on Duke University’s campus, President Vincent Price […]

Connecticut Latest State To Dump Solar Subsidies

State after state is finding that this whole “green energy” and net metering thing aren’t working out too well for the consumer (Daily Caller) Connecticut is about to become the latest state to reform its expensive net metering program, saving money for the vast majority of electricity customers who do not own a solar installation. […]

TDS Hot Take: Trump’s Iran Move Is Totally Like The Lead Up To Iraq War

Remember how the media said the same thing about Obama while he slapped sanctions on Syria and made all sorts of threats himself and had his people do the same at the U.M.? Oh, wait. Here’s NY Times editorial cartoonist with his hot take President Trump’s decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal and his […]

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