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‘Climate Change’ (scam) Believers Demand People No Longer Be Allowed To Have Single Family Homes

Perhaps we can start with Warmists like Barack Obama, Al Gore, Bernie Sanders, and all the rest Green building isn’t enough; we need green zoning. How can cities that have green building codes have zoning bylaws that protect low-density single family housing? These days it seems that everyone is fighting over zoning. Housing costs in […]

If All You See…

…is ground turning to rock from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on Connecticut, the electoral college, and the popular vote. And, no, I have no idea why someone p-shopped Mr. Bean in the background. Twasn’t me.

Good News: Gun Grabber Alyssa Milano Says All Can Own Assault Rifles Under Two Conditions

And I mean good news in a good way, not a snarky way This was event security, not my bodyguard. But regardless, this security guy has had training and passed a background check. These are the common sense gun reform policies we are fighting for for everyone. Can’t wait to see the unedited longer video. […]

Building A Home In California? You’ll Be Required To Have Solar Panels

As if home prices weren’t high in California as it is. Trulia rates the state 3rd in median home price behind Hawaii and D.C. (obviously, there are tons of factors that make home prices higher, so it can’t all be blamed on state and local rules and such). And CNBC ranked California 3rd highest for […]

Multiple Illinois Counties Declare Themselves Sanctuaries For Law Abiding Gun Owners

The movement is spreading (Chicago Tribune/AP) Several rural Illinois counties have taken a stand for gun rights by co-opting a word that conservatives associate with a liberal policy to skirt the law: sanctuary. At least five counties recently passed resolutions declaring themselves sanctuary counties for gun owners — a reference to so-called sanctuary cities such […]

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