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It’s Come To This: All Warmists Have Left Is Litigation

Twenty five plus years of spreading awareness. All the pushing of AGW in the credentialed media. Warmist politicians. The UN. Liberal educators pushing it. Junk scientists making things up as Gospel. And this is pretty much all they have left Climate Change Warriors’ Latest Weapon of Choice Is Litigation In the global fight against climate […]

If All You See…

…is a permanent drought meeting the permanent flood, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The H2, with a post on pre-Internet funny.

Massachusetts Looks To Become A Sanctuary State

This is just one step in the process (MassLive) After lengthy and emotional debate late Wednesday evening, the Massachusetts Senate adopted a budget amendment to restrict cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities. The amendment filed by Sen. Jamie Eldridge, which had been the subject of behind-the-scenes discussions all week, was approved on a 25-13 vote […]

Green On Green: Warmists Sue European Union Over ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

You can bet that members of the EU parliament were giddy when lawsuits were filed against the U.S. government by children over ‘climate change’, even though this was originally against Obama. And giddy over the suits against all the fossil fuels companies over the past 6 months. And how some liberal states were going after […]

Red Flag Laws: Everyone’s Getting Accusatory

So, yesterday this article was available at the Raleigh News and Observer A boy’s parents said a day care worker dragged him into a classroom. Video told another story. A preschool teacher no longer faces a criminal charge after video from a day care center failed to back up a story from the boy’s parents […]

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