It’s Come To This: All Warmists Have Left Is Litigation

Twenty five plus years of spreading awareness. All the pushing of AGW in the credentialed media. Warmist politicians. The UN. Liberal educators pushing it. Junk scientists making things up as Gospel. And this is pretty much all they have left

Climate Change Warriors’ Latest Weapon of Choice Is Litigation

In the global fight against climate change, one tool is proving increasingly popular: litigation.

From California to the Philippines, activists, governments and concerned citizens are suing the biggest polluters and national governments over the effects of climate change at a break-neck pace.

“The courts are our last, best hope at this moment of irreversible harm to our planet and life on it,” said Julia Olson, an attorney for Our Children’s Trust, a legal challenge center in the U.S. that is involved in climate change litigation across 13 countries, including the U.S., Pakistan and Uganda.

The wave of activity is about channeling the fervor of a social movement to drive change via the legal system. The arguments vary based on both culture and the law. In the U.S., home to more cases than anywhere else in the world, many recent suits involve plaintiffs seeking to protect climate-change rules passed under former President Barack Obama. In Europe, it’s largely governments being hammered over pollution-reduction plans that fall short of EU targets.

Strangely, they put barely any effort into channeling the fervor of a social movement into convincing each other to reduce their own carbon footprints as well as taking the effort to reduce their own carbon footprints. They seem to want to force Everyone Else to do so.

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One Response to “It’s Come To This: All Warmists Have Left Is Litigation”

  1. formwiz says:

    It’s what Lefties always do when they don’t get their way.

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