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Plants And Animals Which Survived Previous Warm And Cold Periods Now In Danger Of Total Doom

It’s all your fault, for driving a fossil fueled vehicle, eating cheeseburgers (double cow badness), and not setting your AC to 85 Holding global warming to 2.75 degrees Fahrenheit saves most species The world’s nations can protect the vast majority of plant and animal species from climate change by limiting global warming to 2.7 degrees […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that is totally rising dozens of feet, you might just be a Warist The blog of the day is Legal Insurrection, with a post on yet another fake racist accusation against a police officer.

Bummer: Cryptocurrency Is Totally Bad For ‘Climate Change’

But, then, everything is bad for ‘climate change’, even if it causes nice, pleasant days which are good for taking someone out for a nice lunch just to say “thank you for being you” The first peer-reviewed study of bitcoin’s energy consumption confirms our fears: Bitcoin’s energy consumption is growing at 20% *per month* and […]

Trump “Defends” His Animals Remark Or Something

The day after the NY Times utterly took President Trump out of context (which led to many, many, many leftist media outlets, personalities, and elected Democrats to follow suit) regarding his MS-13 are animals remark, the NY Times is doubling down on their #TDS Trump Defends ‘Animals’ Remark, Saying It Referred to MS-13 Gang Members […]

Bloomberg Front Group Pushing Initiative That Effect Lawful Gun Owners In Washington

Once again, we see that the object of gun control from the gun grabbers is not to go after those who use firearms in an unlawful manner, but to make it more difficult for lawful gun owners Washington: NRA Files Legal Challenge Against Misleading Ballot Title for Gun Control Initiative Yesterday, NRA filed a legal […]

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