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Women Kicking It On Climate To Take Long Fossil Fueled Flights Or Something

Unsurprisingly, the ‘climate change’ conference seems to be more of a hotbed of Progressive (nice Fascism) bloviating McKenna rallies G7 women ‘kicking it’ on climate change as tax watchdog laments gas levies As the countdown to next month’s G7 summit in Charlevoix continues, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is bringing “women climate leaders” from around the […]

If All You See…

…is carbon pollution created rain in a desert, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gay Patriot, with a post noting the latest nanny statism in England.

Income Inequality Is Fueling ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

The BBC thinks it’s on to something How the rich fuel climate change From private jets to overspending, the planet’s wealthiest may be contributing the most to its changing climate, an Oxford professor argues. Income inequality is one of the most significant challenges we face in the 21st Century. But one professor argues that it […]

Today’s Outrage: White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man Taking A Stroll With Baby

This is utterly horrible, people! The Root is all over it White Woman Calls Security on ‘Suspicious Man With a Baby’ at Park in Washington, DC Well, it looks like the epidemic of well-meaning white folks (I guess) calling the police or security on black people as they go about their lives is par for […]

Not Coming For Your Guns: Boulder Passes Anti-Gun Ordinance, Essentially Bans All Semi-Automatic Rifles From City

I mentioned the other day that the City of Boulder, Colorado, was looking to do this, and now they have passed it, and we can see the final legislation, and it’s worse than the news articles realize (Fox News) The Boulder City Council unanimously passed a sweeping gun control ordinance Tuesday night banning “assault weapons” […]

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