Massachusetts Looks To Become A Sanctuary State

This is just one step in the process

(MassLive) After lengthy and emotional debate late Wednesday evening, the Massachusetts Senate adopted a budget amendment to restrict cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities.

The amendment filed by Sen. Jamie Eldridge, which had been the subject of behind-the-scenes discussions all week, was approved on a 25-13 vote after 90 minutes of debate that stretched until 11 p.m.

Democratic Sens. Michael Brady, Anne Gobi, Marc Pacheco, Michael Rodrigues, Michael Rush and Walter Timilty joined the Senate’s seven Republicans in opposition.

The amendment (# 1147) would prevent law enforcement from asking people about their immigration status, prohibit collaboration between Massachusetts law enforcement and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and would bar state resources from being used to create a registry based on ethnicity, religion, country of origin and other criteria.

Is not unusual that Democrats want to protect people who are breaking federal laws, while at the same time they want to go after people engaged in their Constitutional Rights, such as 2nd Amendment and creating hate speech laws which violate the 1st.

This would still have to make it through the Mass. House, be reconciled, then be signed by the governor. And then you would see cities and counties in Mass. resist by declaring themselves against illegal aliens.

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4 Responses to “Massachusetts Looks To Become A Sanctuary State”

    • Dana says:

      You don’t know how much Mr Trump paid in taxes, but your statement is kind of, well, dumb. You are saying that millions of illegal immigrants together pay more in taxes than one individual, which is a pretty stupid comparison.

    • Hoss says:

      Very solid stuff when it comes out of the gate to say “best estimates” as a way to back up it’s thesis. Do you even read this shit before you link to it?

  1. Jl says:

    I love the “logic”, though- If one pays taxes, it seems it’s ok to break the law. Interesting. And if those illegal immigrants weren’t here, legal citizens would have those jobs and would be paying the same taxes.

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