Good News: Gun Grabber Alyssa Milano Says All Can Own Assault Rifles Under Two Conditions

And I mean good news in a good way, not a snarky way

“This security guy has training and passed a background check.” So, per her words, all you need to do to keep a scary assault weapon, like the oft-cited AR-15 Bushmaster WEAPON OF WAR ZOMG is to pass a background check, and take a training class.

There is no actual hard data on how many obtained firearms without a background, just polls. Many obtain them through a private purchase or transfer, like within the family at times. Others do not need to get a background check for a firearm, because they already had one done, are a concealed carry permit holder, or something similar. Once again, I have zero problem with requiring a background check for all purchases and transfers for each and every time a firearm is purchased.

And, hey, if all it takes is that (I’m probably going further than Alyssa considered) and a quick class on firearm safety in order to get the gun grabbers to STFU and go away and stop yammering about assault rifles, I’m OK with that. I might just purchase an AR-15 style rifle just for the hell of it. She set the terms, let’s hold her to it.

(we know that they would never stop pushing even if they did agree to this, though)

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3 Responses to “Good News: Gun Grabber Alyssa Milano Says All Can Own Assault Rifles Under Two Conditions”

  1. Mark E says:

    No, just No

    Once a ‘quick class’ is agreed to, it will morph into an 80 hour, must pass with a 110% score course that is only offered on leap years ending in odd numbers with annual renewal and mandatory surrender of the arms at the start of the course until you satisfy the examiner who will return the weapons at a time & place of their choosing.

    Also, once you agree that the government has a say in how you dispose of your property, you will end up needing a permit to transfer after approval from a clerk that only works alternate Fridays from 11:45 to 11:46 and a counter signature from the local party gauliter

  2. I would be perfectly fine with the public schools being required to teach gun safety, once they get certified by the NRA. Since the NRA is the largest gun safety organization in America and EVERYONE uses them as the standard for gun safety, they are the only logical choice. Just like PADI is the only logical choice to teach SCUBA and USPA is the only logical choice to teach parachuting. Classes should be taught at age appropriate settings (Kindergarden, 1st grade, 6th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade and senior year in HS). 6th grade and above would include live fire because marksmanship is an essential element of safety. So. Every HS graduate could graduate with the training cert and background check already accomplished (except the ones who drop out, or are in prison).

    The above is done from the point of view of preparing children to become adults. As adults they will have the undeniable right to self defense and gun ownership.

    Other things kids ought to know and ought to be taught in public schools:
    1. How a checkbook works.
    2. Reading/writing/basic math
    3. Conversational Spanish. If you are going to live in America, you probably ought to know this.
    4. How loans work.
    5. Basic economics.
    6. How government works and what it does.
    7. Basic laws and how they work. What is legal, what isn’t. Example: Burning a limo is illegal. “Collusion to win an election” is not. “Collusion to burn a Limo” is, but we call it conspiracy.

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