Multiple Illinois Counties Declare Themselves Sanctuaries For Law Abiding Gun Owners

The movement is spreading

(Chicago Tribune/AP) Several rural Illinois counties have taken a stand for gun rights by co-opting a word that conservatives associate with a liberal policy to skirt the law: sanctuary.

At least five counties recently passed resolutions declaring themselves sanctuary counties for gun owners — a reference to so-called sanctuary cities such as Chicago that don’t cooperate with aspects of federal immigration enforcement.

The resolutions are meant to put the Democratic-controlled Legislature on notice that if it passes a host of gun bills, including new age restrictions for certain weapons, a bump stock ban and size limit for gun magazines, the counties might bar their employees from enforcing the new laws.

“It’s a buzzword, a word that really gets attention. With all these sanctuary cities, we just decided to turn it around to protect our Second Amendment rights,” said David Campbell, vice chairman of the Effingham County Board. He said at least 20 Illinois counties and local officials in Oregon and Washington have asked for copies of Effingham County’s resolution.

Of course, there’s a big difference between sanctuaries for people who are unlawfully present in the U.S. and protecting lawful gun owners from state government going after the Constitutional rights of the law abiding, especially because those same governments rarely implement measures against the criminals, which is how we get the majority of the 650 homicides in Chicago last year being committed with firearms (but, then, the majority of deaths were blacks, and white Democrats are fine with that, just like they’re fine with the huge percentage of abortions being black babies).

Here’s where this AP article gets funny

Such talk worries Kathleen Willis, a Democratic state representative from suburban Chicago who sponsored some of the gun legislation.

“I don’t think you can say, ‘I don’t agree with the law so I won’t enforce it,'” she said. “I think it sends the wrong message.”

Serendipidously, Willis was also a sponsor of the Illinois Trust Act, which made the state a sanctuary for illegal aliens. She didn’t agree with federal laws, so she decided to sponsor and vote for a law saying Illinois would not enforce federal because she didn’t agree with them. And, again, there’s a hell of a difference between protecting lawful gun owners and protecting illegal aliens.

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