Woman Playing Race Card After Traffic Stop Shocked To Learn Of This “Body Cam” Thingy

Everyone wants to be a Victim, some more than others. But, in today’s society, they should remember there are tons of different technologies that may well be recording them. An officer having a body cam is kinda shocking, eh?

South Carolina woman’s claims of being harassed by ‘white cop’ are questioned as new footage emerges

A South Carolina woman who said being pulled over for speeding by a “white cop” was a “traumatic experience” is having her story questioned after police body camera footage from the incident showed a less intense series of events unfolding.

Dawn Hilton-Williams, in a Facebook Live video on April 27, accused a Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office sergeant of racism after she was ordered to sign a summons asking her to appear in court or pre-pay a traffic ticket. The officer said he clocked her going 70mph in a stretch of rural Route 58 in Virginia that has a 55mph limit.

“It doesn’t matter how polite you are, it’s all sick, crazy bullying and the police are ridiculous,” Hilton-Williams says in the 11-minute video, at times wiping tears from her face and speaking in a frightened tone.

But in video footage released Monday by the sheriff’s office, when confronted with the summons – Hilton-Williams immediately starts questioning the officer where there are signs that say the area has a 55mph limit.

Here’s an idea: don’t speed and you won’t get pulled over. I’ve had speeding tickets. I was speeding (got away with it one time, long story). And, yes, I’ve also been pulled over by a jerkoff cop in a city in NJ that is renowned for doing just that (also a long story).

Hilton-Williams, after signing the paperwork, then drove off and took to Facebook Live to blast the officer.

“I have had a traumatic experience and I want the people who are not African-American who know me to really get where we are coming from,” she says. “When I saw the police pull up behind me, the state trooper, I was immediately afraid.”

“This is the area I’m in,” she said, panning the camera around to show the rural roadway. “In the middle of, this kind of stuff. This is where I am, so it’s not like I’m not afraid, because this is where we got lynched.”

Drama queen city. But, you were speeding, honey. Bless your heart. It is despicable to accuse the cop of racism, smearing him because you were breaking the law and he was doing his job.

Fortunately, body cam to refute her baseless allegations.

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