Washington Post: Carrot Dogs Are The Next Big Thing At Cookouts

Remember, the Washington Post, by virtue of being the main newspaper for America’s capital city, is one of the leading newspapers in the world. And they paid someone to write this and allowed it to be published (via Twitchy)

I’m not going to even bother excerpting anything on this lunacy.

There is plenty of mockery. Like, 99.9% of the replies are mocking. This one is funny, though, if your remember the story on the lady in Oakland, Ca., who called the cops on people grilling in the wrong area

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One Response to “Washington Post: Carrot Dogs Are The Next Big Thing At Cookouts”

  1. Nathan Lenz says:

    The only people who would even consider grilling carrot-dogs are people who think grilling causes hotcoldwetdry, so … won’t be happening.

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