Activists Plan D.C. Die In Two Years After Pulse Massacre To Protest Radical Islam

It’s been almost two years since an Islamic extremist by the name of Omar Mateen, himself reportedly confused about his sexuality, went in a gay nightclub and murdered members of the LGBT community. He was radicalized on the Internet, and acted much as so many Islamists act, so, it’s good to see that the LGBT community is going to protest their treatment at the hands of radical Islam, and that there needs to be a focus on stopping radical Islam, putting the blame where it belongs, and wanting the national media to stop hiding the truth

Two Years After Pulse Massacre, National Die-In Planned for D.C.

Orlando activists want to remember lives lost at the Pulse shooting with a mass die-in at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre and of this year’s school shooting in Parkland, Fla., have helped spread the word.

Amanda Fugleberg, a lifelong Orlando resident, is still shaken by the June 12, 2016 mass shooting that occurred 15 minutes from her home. “It was the first news I saw when I woke up that day and I remember the death toll just rising,” she says.

Ultimately, 49 people died at Pulse in addition to the shooter, who was killed by law enforcement. “It brought me to tears to know something like that happened so close.”

Just kidding about the Islamist stuff. They’re blaming the guns

Now she will go to Washington, D.C., to lead the National Die-In, scheduled for June 12, two years to the day after the Orlando tragedy. The idea came about just a week and a half ago, and she and co-founder Frank Kravchuk quickly pulled together proper permitting. Fugleberg also reached out to Parkland survivor-turned-activist David Hogg, who just led a successful die-in protest against a Florida grocery chain for supporting a National Rifle Association-backed candidate. She says Hogg expressed strong support for the idea and helped publicize the event.

Kravchuk says he would like to see as many as 100,000 people participate in a die-in in front of the Capitol on June 12.

The noon die-in will last 12 minutes; the 700-second time period is meant to honor the approximate 700 victims of mass shootings who have died since the Pulse massacre took place, a period that has seen little progress in terms of federal gun reforms.

That act will be preceded by a 10:30 a.m. rally for gun reform. Additionally, the event has already inspired die-ins at state capitals and NRA offices around the country.

These same people are so willing to blame an inanimate object but unwilling to blame the people, particularly when they are Islamic extremists. They won’t even consider that it’s OK to blame radical Muslims, that they aren’t blaming the whole of Islam by doing so (of course, the same people have no problem blaming all Jews or Christians or Republicans. But, then, throwing blame at those three groups won’t lead to death threats)

As for their own policy demands, Fugleberg and Kravchuk most want to see stronger screening for gun ownership. “I’d like to see universal background checks, which right now are not great considering the Pulse shooter was able to acquire guns when he’d been on an FBI watch list,” Fugleberg says.

So, wait, they want more of ….. exactly what is being done now? How is stronger screening going to work when the FBI dropped the ball in reporting during a firearms background check? Mateen should have been denied. This isn’t the gun’s fault. Government failed, just like with the Parkland shooting, and many other shootings.

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