Sick: Irish Referendum To End Abortion Ban Looks Like It May Succeed

There’s no final tally yet on the actual vote for repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland, which bans the murder of the unborn, but the exit polls look promising for the baby killers. This, though, is one of the sickest takes on what amounts to baby murder, and you know I usually avoid getting into the abortion debate. Here’s Reuters

Ireland To End Abortion Ban In Historic Vote

Ireland is set to liberalize some of the world’s most restrictive abortion laws after exit polls suggested a landslide vote for change in what was until recently one of Europe’s most socially conservative countries. (snip)

If confirmed, the outcome will be the latest milestone on a path of change for a country which only legalized divorce by a razor thin majority in 1995 before becoming the first in the world to adopt gay marriage by popular vote three years ago.

Voters were asked if they wish to scrap the eighth amendment to the constitution, which gives an unborn child and its mother equal rights to life. The consequent prohibition on abortion was partly lifted in 2013 for cases where the mother’s life was in danger.

“It’s looking like we will make history tomorrow,” Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who was in favor of change, said on Friday night on Twitter.

Historic. Milestone. History. This is about killing the unborn, all because adults got pregnant because of poor life decisions. And these sick people are celebrating it.

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