Having A Problem With The Emoticon Pack

For some reason, the Monalisa emoticon plugin decided to do something weird, so a bunch of emoticons need to be relinked (which is why I never upgrade the plugin, but, it ended up getting upgraded, long story). Won’t be able to fix till tomorrow or so.

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4 Responses to “Having A Problem With The Emoticon Pack”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    All the emoticons have to comply with the new privacy settings being pushed out by the EU. It seems some emoticons were leaking private data to the Russians. In the last couple of days, every on line service has required me to update my terms of service (which, of course, no one reads, so it is totally pointless).

    • Did not know that. I know WordPress pushed out their 4.9.6 update, which pushes heavily for people to create their own privacy policy and has tools to make it easy to make it readily visible to all visitors. There’s also a few widgets that have been around a bit to comply with EU rules.

      What happens here is that the update to Monalisa only includes the standard included emoticons, so I have to copy and paste them back into the correct folder, then link them. Takes about 30-45 minutes to get it right. I haven’t upgrade the plugin in forever, but, because I was having trouble upgrading to 4.6.9 WordPress, I reached out to Dreamhost to see if the issue was on their end (pretty sure it was on WP’s end), and they upgraded it, and all the plugins.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    I’ve been having similar troubles. I’ve been away fighting ISIS for the past 9 months and internet firewalls here (other side of the world) block almost everything. What doesn’t get blocked outright, gets hashed. This site is one of the few I can reliably view and post comments on. Anything from blogger is read only/no images. I can post to my own wordpress, but can’t read it.

    • I know that I get blocked by some VPNs, and there’s little to no way around.

      As for the Monalisa plug, it’s kinda kludged up. Can’t add emoticons in any way, something in the script stops that. Can’t delete it, either. No prob with the other stuff or uploading.

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