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Hola. I’m going to use this older theme, which isn’t quite formatted on the sidebars correctly, lots of old stuff, until I figure out what is causing the normal theme to shift forward to another site. Didn’t find anything wrong in HTaccess file, nor in the files for the Violator theme. Has to be something […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that never rose prior to fossil fueled vehicles, so you’ll take a flight, which was going that way anyhow, to demonstrate, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is House Of Eratosthenes, with a post on Sandra Fluke’s senate qualifications.

Hashtag Climatology: What Would You Ask Hotcoldwetdry Leaders?

I know what I’d ask them: say, why do you use so much fossil fuel yourself? What have you done within your own life to reduce your own carbon footprint? Purchasing carbon offsets doesn’t count. That’s like paying speeding tickets because you refuse to obey the speed limits. Climate change: what is your message for […]

Surprise: “addressing climate change will affect everything”

Another Warmist let’s the cat out of the bag as to the true intentions of the “climate change” movement (Des Moines Register) Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie says he feels a sense of relief on the heels of a report that details worsening climate change in Iowa and the nation. The longtime environmental advocate, who […]

Say, Where’s The Hashtag For Pregnant Christian Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan?

I don’t think I’ve actually chimed in about #HashTag diplomacy yet. I will say, it’s not always a bad thing, if it is followed up with real world action. Alas, so much of the use of hashtags is simply to allow someone to say “hey, look at me, I Care!” And then move on. Found […]

HHS Publishes Rules To Provide Insurers With Extra Funds Due To Risk Corridors

Remember who Conservatives warned that Team Obama would bail out insurers if they started losing money thanks to Obamacare? And how they were told they were a bunch of crazy wingnuts? And to stop going all conspiracy-ee? Yeah, about that (The Hill) Health insurance companies can count on funds from the government if ObamaCare’s risk corridor program […]

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