Temporary Theme. Update: Normal Theme Fixed.

Hola. I’m going to use this older theme, which isn’t quite formatted on the sidebars correctly, lots of old stuff, until I figure out what is causing the normal theme to shift forward to another site. Didn’t find anything wrong in HTaccess file, nor in the files for the Violator theme. Has to be something in the sidebar files.

Quick Update: Never mind. I found the issue. Was a ranking badge from Beltway Blips causing the redirection. Fuckers. Happened with a different theme I started switching too, because I messed up the code on my Spirit/Pirate 3.0 theme. Le sigh. Anyhow, fixed.

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2 Responses to “Temporary Theme. Update: Normal Theme Fixed.”

  1. I like the elephant. Did you have that before?

  2. Yup. A bunch of previous themes had large full width headers, instead of having the rotating graphic in the top right. I’ve had like 10 themes, at least, and about 5 or 6 used that header. I even had a special one for Christmas.

    The top right rotates with the elephant randomly. I had been using blue for so long I wanted a big change. Maybe I’ll see about using the Symbiot theme again. Would have to do it Thursday, my next day off.

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