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Will Derrick Ward Be Next On Progressive Truth Squad Hit List Over Michael Sam Tweet?

On the bright side, the neither the NFL nor any team can do anything to him, since he retired (NJ.com) Former Giants running back Derrick Ward wasn’t the only person on Twitter commenting about new Rams rookie Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after hearing from St. Louis. He also wasn’t the only one who was […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible energy sucking refrigerator, putting out greenhouse gases that negatively affect maple syrup, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Sweetness and Light, with a post on the moment sports changed forever.

“Climate change is about justifying bigger government”

As I noted the other day, more and more people seem to be noticing the reasons behind the “climate change” movement, something I’ve been blogging about for years. When people ask why I concentrate on the political aspects (and insanity): because that’s what it is. It’s not science. Here’s a letter to the St. Louis […]

Senator Rand Paul Wants To See The Drone Memos

No matter what your opinion of Senator Paul, you do have to admire that when he goes after an issue, he doesn’t just trump it then forget it. Ever since his filibuster on drones, of which he wrote that it was just the beginning, he’s continued with the subject. He cares heavily on the subject […]

Politico: You Know, You Silly Benghazi Believers….

There’s been quite a few complaints that the news media, which is mostly left leaning and Democrat voters, have refused to do their jobs on Benghazi. There have been a few intrepid and dogged reporters, yet, for the most part, it has been more about defending Team Obama and attacking citizens who just want answers. […]

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