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People Whine That U Of Utah’s Fight Song Lyrics Are Sexist

First World Problems (ABC 6) After more than a century of singing “I’m a Utah Man,” some say it’s time to update the University of Utah’s 1904 fight song. Proposals to adjust such lyrics as “I’m a Utah man” and “our coeds are the fairest” have spiked emotions on campus in recent weeks. Critics say […]

Say, Why Aren’t Businesses Caring About “Climate Change”?

Good question (CBC) It seems a strange disconnect. If climate change is really causing economic havoc, as outlined in a new blue ribbon Congressionally mandated report from the United States. why is business so insouciant? That’s not the way markets are supposed to work. According to the theory, if there is a problem that needs to […]

If All You See…

…is lots of horrible CO2 infused beer, causing cold and snow from warming, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Black and Right, with a despicable tweet from Donna Brazile.

Obama’s Heavily Political National Climate Assessment Can’t Quite Figure Out Sea Rise

I supposed I’m obligated to mention something about the NCA, since I blog so darned much about “climate change”. Let’s look at sea rise (CNS News) The National Climate Assessment released today by the White House says that as a result of climate change the sea level could rise 8 inches, 11 inches, 4 feet or […]

EPA’s Dept Of Homeland Security Blocking Investigations

In other news, the Environmental Protection Agency has a Dept Of Homeland Security. Seriously? Seriously. You can’t blame this on Obama, the department was formed in 2003 under Christie Todd Whitman while Bush 43 was president, and just seems typical of a complete government over-reach, even in the time shortly after September 11. Of course, […]

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