Say, Why Aren’t Businesses Caring About “Climate Change”?

Good question

(CBC) It seems a strange disconnect. If climate change is really causing economic havoc, as outlined in a new blue ribbon Congressionally mandated report from the United States. why is business so insouciant?

That’s not the way markets are supposed to work. According to the theory, if there is a problem that needs to be solved, markets move to fix those problems. When that theory holds true, it’s one of the wonderful and useful things about market capitalism.

Boom, there’s your answer. Business doesn’t seem to think there’s a problem. They don’t see a loss in revenue. They see weather. Well, obviously, all these businesses are wrong, because doom!

So if the entire productive capacity of the United States — and by extension Canada — is suffering damage due to climate change, why isn’t business onside when it comes to efforts to try and minimize it?

Three potential reasons come to mind.

  1. Short Term Thinking
  2. Vested Interests

And here’s my favorite

Climate change futures

As for reason number three, there is something self-fulfilling about it, but it may be that business leaders have begun to honestly believe the widespread propaganda of climate change denial. Perhaps they are truly convinced that the vast majority of scientists, save those paid by the Scientific American donors mentioned above, are all wrong.

See? Businesses have Wrong Thoughts. Of course, it’s so obvious! Or, business may not care that weather changes. They adapt. They see a cult.

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5 Responses to “Say, Why Aren’t Businesses Caring About “Climate Change”?”

  1. david7134 says:

    I was listening to Rush today and he came up with an interesting piece. It seems that in 1970, Nixon was warned about climate change and it is documented in a presidential brief. The concern was that CO2 was rising and that it was predicted that the temperature would be 7 degrees higher and the ocean would rise 8 feet. By the year 2000.

  2. john says:

    Of course we should have all known David was a ditto head.
    David how sure are you that Rush is RIGHT about everything? He has often admitted to not being a journalist but instead sees himself as an entertainer.
    Does he entertain you ?

  3. john says:

    As far as businesses are concerned many of the largest corp[orations which MUST focus on long term goals such as insurance and energy companies are very involved in climate change
    A quick google search will verify that

  4. jl says:

    Nice straw-man attack, John. David never said Rush was right about everything, now did he? And I worry about your reading comprehension. As Rush was just the messenger, the only person to be concerned with as far as being right in this case would be the science astrologer who told Nixon to worry about temperature and sea level rise. And, same as today, they were spectacularly wrong. Remember, by about 1974, only 4 years later, the “experts” were predicting another ice age.

  5. Trish Mac says:

    It was Daniel P Moynihan, democrat, who advised him. Not Rush.
    And not 5 years later, scientists sounded an alarm that we were going to have a new ice age.

    I’ll say this, the science is NEVER in, and those who say it is just want to shut down scientific debate.

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