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If All You See…

…is horrible CO2 infused beer causing wacky behavior from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Astute Bloggers, with a post about Barry’s fantasyland.

Jihadis Sure Party Bombastically

Ooh, yeah! All right! We’re splodin’: I wanna splod’ it wid you. We’re splodin’, splodin’, And I hope you like splodin’, too. Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow, we can do it anyhow: I’n’I will see you through, ‘Cos everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice, Splodin” till the splod’ is through.

Will Warmists Switch Back To Calling It “Global Warming”?

Why would they? Because “global warming” causes more fear than “climate change” (NY Times) Many scientists have come to prefer the term “climate change” over “global warming.” Climate change is a broader term that encompasses not only the warming of the planet in recent years but also the rise of severe storms, droughts and damaging […]

Bummer: Fast Food Place Robbed Same Day It Went Sorta Gun Free

Serendipity* is a stone cold mother, isn’t it? (Daily Caller) On the same day that Sonic, an Oklahoma City-based fast food chain, issued a statement against customers carrying guns at their restaurants, an employee at the company’s Topeka, Kan. store was robbed. According to Topeka police, two males robbed a carhop on Friday afternoon, reports […]

Obama Weekly Address: Common Sense “Carbon” Reductions Or Something

With so much raging around his ears, especially the VA scandal, for which the Eric Shinseki has finally thrown himself on his sword (though O called him a super awesome guy and the problems weren’t really Shinseki’s fault), O decides that nothing else is as important as instituting “carbon” rules for power plants, artificially raising […]

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