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Climate Change Is Like “A Costly, Politically Dangerous Gamble” Or Something

This is being pushed by the same people who have been downplaying actual threats, like that from radical Islam (Mint Press News) Half of the United States is suffering through drought conditions — including all of California, which saw huge swathes of the San Diego area swept by raging wildfires this month. In the Midwest, […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible dog causing sea rise and flooding, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, with a post on how Progressives celebrated Memorial Day.

Warmists Have The Climate Blues Or Something

Warmists, who are mostly Progressives and leftists, are pretty much miserable people who always seem to find the worst in everything. They are people who would think a day at the beach is bad because the sand is hot and the sea might rise in 100 years to swamp all the land. They’d look at […]

Surprise: Obamacare Causing Lots Of Union Contract Issues

Healthcare costs are often a sticky point when it comes to union contracts. I can specifically recall several contract negotiations for a company with over 180k employees in recent years, over moving employees from standard plans to Health Care Savings accounts. Now this same thing is playing out, and the higher costs are thanks solely […]

What’s The Real Reason For The VA Scandal?

As the VA scandal rolls along, with much of the major media wanting to ignore it or bury the coverage deep in the website/newspaper, many are trying to use distraction-blame. Obviously, Democrats are trying to Blame Bush. He certainly does bare some blame. But, as the liberal talking point regarding 9/11 went, “who’s president now?”, […]

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