Warmists Have The Climate Blues Or Something

Warmists, who are mostly Progressives and leftists, are pretty much miserable people who always seem to find the worst in everything. They are people who would think a day at the beach is bad because the sand is hot and the sea might rise in 100 years to swamp all the land. They’d look at a cute and fuzzy puppy and think about cleaning up the poo and that dogs use too much resources, contributing to “climate change”. Same thing with a baby. Hence

Climate Blues: How Environmentalists Chill Out in a Warming World

Everyone gets down about their work from time to time, but for environmentalists, they can sometimes quite literally be dealing with the end of the world as we know it. For some, the answer is obvious: work harder. For others, it’s about accepting a radically different future and preparing for it. And, for a few, there’s just no way people can make things better.

Warmists make themselves miserable by constantly focusing on (imaginary) doom and gloom. I bet if they practiced what they preached they’d feel better about themselves…..nah, then they’d just complain that Everyone Else is being forced to do the same by Government decree.

The article then discusses all the support groups being created due to Warmists being bat guano insane and self imposed depressed

So what’s Dark Mountain’s strategy? “To talk about the darkness we feel, rather than keep it to ourselves,” says Hine, whose group publishes essays and art, and organizes classes as well as “Uncivilization” festivals.

That keeps moving on through a bunch more paragraphs (damn, these people are depressing)

In the category of “recovering depressed environmentalist,” Bell says he and others like him did have their views shaken by a recent essay titled “The Irreconcilable Acceptance of Near-Term Extinction” by Daniel Drumright of Portland, Oregon.

Drumright, who did not want to be interviewed for this story, envisions a day when those left in a collapsing civilization will see “suicide, not as a stigma of cowardice, or a failure of character, but as altruism in the last ethical act left us.”

Obviously, not all Warmists are going to go that far, but, seriously, these people are nuts. And need mental help. Mental help for their own irrational and self created fantasies of imaginary doom and gloom.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Have The Climate Blues Or Something”

  1. Better_Late_Than_Gumball says:

    Gimmy Christmas!!
    These people are wholly friggin nuts.

    And, for a few, there’s just no way people can make things better.

    Dang. These idiots really are miserable bastards.

    There’s always ways to make one’s life better.

  2. Trish Mac says:

    I want to feel bad for them, help them in some way. But since they bring it all on themselves, and actually feed on their own depression, I have to use some tough love and just let them be miserable.

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