Say, Where’s The Hashtag For Pregnant Christian Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan?

I don’t think I’ve actually chimed in about #HashTag diplomacy yet. I will say, it’s not always a bad thing, if it is followed up with real world action. Alas, so much of the use of hashtags is simply to allow someone to say “hey, look at me, I Care!” And then move on.

Found at Caveman Circus, one of my favorite sites. Which probably doesn’t realize that this is making fun of liberals, including Obama, Michelle O, and all the others pushing hashtags like #BringOurGirlsBack and #StandWithUkraine, who fail to actually #DoSomething. Caveman Circus often posts pics favorable to gay marriage.

Where is the hashtag for this woman?

The woman, Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, brought her punishment of death upon herself, said Judge Abbas Mohammed Al-Khalifa: “We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam.”

“I sentence you to be hanged to death.” For good measure, Judge Khalifa ordered the woman to be beaten with 100 lashes of the whip before being hung for “adultery.”

The whipping will occur right after the birth. The hanging will occur once the child is weened. It’s adultery because there can be no marriage to a Christian man (according to Sharia law, even though she is not married to anyone else). Ace makes an interesting observation

I’m not hearing anything about this story except from right-leaning sources.

We have, once again, an incredible outrage, barbaric, dehumanizing, and fascistic, but the “Villains are wrong.” The villains aren’t the villains the left prefers.

Ergo, the outrage must be tacitly permitted.

Has the State Department even taken the drastic step of issuing a vigorous #Hashtag? A search did not disclose that any #hashtag activism had been undertaken.

Checking the State Department Twitter feed, no, they still haven’t. They haven’t even mentioned this at all. The husband is a US citizen. So is his son. Who must stay in jail with the mother, because the father, again, a Christian, is not allowed under Sharia law to retain custody of the child. Allahpundit

Punishing her for her faith is as clear-cut a human-rights violation as exists. And yet, nothing on social media from State or the White House, which has been only too happy to showcase their well-meaning impotence for a good cause over the past few months.

There’s nothing about this on John Kerry’s Twitter feed, either.  Fortunately, though

Maybe she should say she’s bisexual, and the US State Department, Team Obama, Kerry, and liberals would care. Instead, she’s going to be brutalized and murdered by Islamists. Liberals were Very Concerned over jihadis being “tortured” at Gitmo, ie, hot and cold conditions, music by Christina Aguilera. Yet, do not seem to get worked up about Muslims doing things like whippings.

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4 Responses to “Say, Where’s The Hashtag For Pregnant Christian Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan?”

  1. […] The Pirate’s Cove, William Teach asked why there’s no attention being paid by the media and the left to the pregnant Sudanese […]

  2. john says:

    Teach this is just more selective OUTRAGE !!! for the purpose of political gain.
    Maybe “Team Obama” is concentrating on the bigger problems.
    In the last 25 years MILLIONS of people have been killed in the central Africa area. I am sure YOU must be aware of this because it is where much of the rare earth minerals that go into cell phones comes from.
    The latest genocide occurring is in the Central African Republic where the 90% christian majority is going after the 10% muslim minority with machetes.
    Hope this problem will not effect your cell phone sales.

  3. Better_Late_Than_Gumballs says:

    Once again J shows his bigotry and hatred. And once again, we see how immorality and abnormality is protected while christianity is attacked. Further proof of the hypocrisy and hatred of liberals, this woman is ignored.

    Don’t forget too… there’s a white christian pastor in prison in Iran. There’s a white soldier in prison in Mexico for making a wrong turn. There’s a German christian family that is facing aggressive deportation action from Obama.

    But, Boko Haram is a misunderstood local youth organization. al-queda is no longer in existence. Class-based Socialism was what was intended by our founders after all, because Capitalism is just mean.

    Rationing and occasional deaths are “for the good of mankind”.

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