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Super Scientist Cartoonist Tells Us Climate Change (Hoax) Causes Earthquakes And Stuff

Because none of these things happened before you decided to use your electric ice maker (via Tom Nelson) (HuffPo Moonbat) Are there benefits we can enjoy from a warming globe? Research says yes. Do the benefits outweigh the negatives? Research says no. For example, here are some of impacts we feel as a result of […]

You Didn’t Buy A Volt, So Brown Recluse Spiders Could Move North

Scary story time! The Hockey Schtick catches the latest about spiders from ABC News. After discussing a person getting a horrific bite from a Brown Recluse (which they later go on to say “it could have been something else”) in Kansas, we get The Daily Mail sounded an alarm about a University of Kansas study […]

If All You See…

…are evil cats and dogs using up all of Gaia’s precious resources which can never, ever be replaced, you might just be a Warmist

About That “Obama Reaches 50% Approval” Poll…

Al Reuters breathlessly tells us that the guy presiding over the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and making a serious hash of it rocks For the first time since early July, more Americans approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing than disapprove, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll that shows his […]

Shock Poll: Online Liberals Most Intolerant

Let’s face it, most people on-line can get a bit nasty at times, especially when discussing politics. I remember my first foray into on-line politics, where I skirted the rules at NJ.com discussing 9/11 with a liberals who thought we not only deserved it, but that 9/11 was no big deal. We all get snippy. […]

CBO: Cost Of ObamaCare Way Up, Those Covered By Private Insurers Way Down

Reuters is spinning hard, but, can’t quite get away from the dismal numbers, written to be as confusing as possible. The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein is having none of it President Obama’s national health care law will cost $1.76 trillion over a decade, according to a new projection released today by the Congressional Budget Office, […]

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