Super Scientist Cartoonist Tells Us Climate Change (Hoax) Causes Earthquakes And Stuff

Because none of these things happened before you decided to use your electric ice maker (via Tom Nelson)

(HuffPo Moonbat) Are there benefits we can enjoy from a warming globe? Research says yes. Do the benefits outweigh the negatives? Research says no.

For example, here are some of impacts we feel as a result of our participation in climate-warming activities:

With “benefits” like that, who needs hindrances?

Uh huh. Commenters aren’t buying it, and I love the permalink for the “research says no,” which is “”. No matter what, AGW is responsible.

Gore Jumping Shark

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One Response to “Super Scientist Cartoonist Tells Us Climate Change (Hoax) Causes Earthquakes And Stuff”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    It’s the same thing as the tree in the forest. These things never happened until industrial man came along to “hear” them.

    I’d like to know who to blame for Mt Vesuvius. One wonders how those giant tsunamis that used to devastate Japan and the Pacific NW happened before? Was it because of Ninjas?

    Was the Yellowstone supervolcano due to the Mammoth farts?

    In that vein, was it Lucy and her kin driving SUVs that caused the Indian plate to crash in to the Asian plate?

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