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Children May Not Know What An Iron Man Competition Looks Like

Won’t someone please think of the kids? And sponsors? There are concerns that a weather system predicted to hit Taupo early tomorrow morning could force the swim leg of Ironman New Zealand to be cancelled. Forecasters expect gale force winds, rain and cold temperatures to coincide with the start of the race, and Kiwi Ironman […]

Warmists Link Climate Change (Hoax) And Contraception For Blacks

If a conservative dared write anything like this, we’d be branded racists. But, it’s OK when lefties discuss it Africa: Time to Tackle ‘Last Taboo’ of Contraception and Climate -Experts Finding a way to put the environmental impact of population and women’s reproductive health more prominently on the climate change agenda is increasingly urgent, experts […]

If All You See…

…is mankind having to live on boats as the seas rise, ala Waterworld, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery. Also, below the fold, is a video, via Dana, so, if all you see is an evil cat using up valuable resources, you might just be a Warmist

Abound Solar, Federal Loan Recipient, To Lay Off 280

Here we go again. ABC News reported that the initial layoffs were 180 of its 400 workers. That’s now jumped (Wall Street Journal) U.S. solar-power firm Abound Solar said Wednesday it will stop making solar panels while it retools a Colorado factory as part of a project backed by $400 million in federal loan guarantees. […]

Uh Oh: Politico Discusses The Carter/Obama Comparison

It’s never a good thing when a Democrat leaning news source compares Obama to Carter, even if the two writers, Bob King and Darren Goode, work hard to say ” hey, no, he’s really not the same as Carter. No No No!” Just the very fact that the comparison is brought up seals the comparison. […]

About That “2/3rds Believe In Climate Change” Poll…

Yesterday, said poll was a HUGE, MONSTER, WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!111!!!! poll about climate change. Even Tina Korbe fell for it, to some degree. Now, if you’ve noticed in previous posts, I typically put “climate change” either in quotation marks or follow it up with “hoax.” But, not this time. I’ll get to why in […]

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