Children May Not Know What An Iron Man Competition Looks Like

Won’t someone please think of the kids? And sponsors?

There are concerns that a weather system predicted to hit Taupo early tomorrow morning could force the swim leg of Ironman New Zealand to be cancelled.

Forecasters expect gale force winds, rain and cold temperatures to coincide with the start of the race, and Kiwi Ironman legend Cameron Brown is unsure whether the swim leg will go ahead.

Isn’t it like late summer in New Zealand?

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One Response to “Children May Not Know What An Iron Man Competition Looks Like”

  1. Kevin says:

    I don’t think I support this idea anyway. Doesn’t Iron Man come back and destroy the planet? Not the good, Tony Stark Iron Man. I mean the whiny evil Black Sabbath Iron Man.

    Personally, I say, “good job, global warming!” Nipped this issue in the bud.

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