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Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) Terms EPA: “Employment Prevention Agency”

Hey, I like the EPA, it has a place and serves a purpose. Unfortunately, it has become entirely too political, it goes well beyond its purpose, and cares little for the people it hurts: Obama’s EPA as an Employment Prevention Agency (via Junk Science) President Barack Obama, in his recent “energy speech,” declared that a […]

If All You See…

…is a field that should be full of wind turbines, you might just be Warmist The blog of the day is: Watts Up With That?.

Obama DOJ Shifts ObamaCare Defense To “Necessary and Proper Clause”

Fortunately, Obama is using tons of taxpayer money to defend a law that most taxpayers hate (The Hill) The Obama administration has shifted its legal arguments as it prepares to defend the president’s healthcare law before the Supreme Court. Some legal experts say the shift could steer the case in a direction that would make […]

Thinking About Installing Disqus Comments…Thoughts?

I’m thinking about using the Disqus system, which will save some bandwith and storage space. What are your thoughts on this? You’re the ones who comment, let me know.

HuffPo: DC’s Cherry Trees Blooming Early Proves Climate Change

It couldn’t possibly be due to natural variation, no, it has to be because you, dear reader, did not unplug your energy sucking DVR when you went to sleep last night (HuffPo) Amid all the screaming signs about Global Warming’s increasingly serious impact on the world around us and on human civilizations future prospects, the […]

Obameconomy: Producer Prices Spike Up, Gen Y Loves Living With Parents

Yesterday, (NMP) Obama gave what was supposed to be an official POTUS speech on energy, and instead quickly morphed into a campaign speech where (NMP) Obama took shots at not only the GOP presidential candidates and elected Republicans, but at you and me, who think high gas prices are a Bad Idea, even going so […]

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