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When Will Liberals Denounce RFK, Jr For His “Prostitute” Slur?

As Junk Science points out “Limbaugh mispoke. RFK Jr. actually took the time to type it out.” Weasel Zippers has a few choice words for RFK, Jr. Well, looks like there’s a Memeorandum thread up now, with a link to a Politico story (I wrote this as a draft in the am). No liberals denouncing […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled airplane, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Neptunus Lex, in honor of Carroll LeFon, who died on the 6th in an aircraft accident. This ain’t Hell.. and AW1 Tim’s Blog have thoughts and roundups. I’ve read Neptunus Lex off and on for years, it […]

Oops: WW2 Vet Not Able To Vote With ID

Since I’ve come out in favor of requiring ID in order to vote, it’s incumbent to mention this (Cleveland.com) A Portage County World War II veteran was turned away from a polling place this morning because his driver’s license had expired in January and his new Veterans Affairs ID did not include his home address. […]

Jimmy Carter Pops Up And Blames Israel Over Iran

I thought Groundhog Day was last month. But, I guess any discussion regarding Israel defending itself wouldn’t be complete without the input of a miserable failure at being POTUS, and a rabid anti-Semite (Washington Times) Former President Jimmy Carter expressed concerns Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be too willing to go to […]

Sandra Fluke Is Simply The Latest Excuse For Liberals To Get Conservatives Off The Airwaves

If Sandra Fluke thinks her far left comrades really care about her, perhaps she should ask Cindy Sheehan about her own 15 minutes of Liberal fame. Once Cindy became old news and inconvenient, she was unceremoniously dumped by the hard left. The Left is simply using Fluke as a means to attempt to get Rush […]

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