When Will Liberals Denounce RFK, Jr For His “Prostitute” Slur?

As Junk Science points out “Limbaugh mispoke. RFK Jr. actually took the time to type it out.”

Weasel Zippers has a few choice words for RFK, Jr.

Well, looks like there’s a Memeorandum thread up now, with a link to a Politico story (I wrote this as a draft in the am). No liberals denouncing the attention whore yet…oops, sorry, that was uncivil. But, still not as bad, or racist, as what these snowflakes chanted.

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4 Responses to “When Will Liberals Denounce RFK, Jr For His “Prostitute” Slur?”

  1. JCitizen says:

    So you don’t understand what a metaphor is?
    You can use “attention whore” – its ok. We can call Inhofe a call girl for the oil industry – thats ok too. You can call some Dems whores for the unions.

    These are nasty metaphors, but that is all they are. No one is claiming that Inhofe literally has sex with oil industry executives.

    I know this might be a hard thing for those on the dim end of the political spectrum to understand – its all nuancy and stuff..

    Limbaugh called the young lady a slut and a whore and he meant it literally. He claimed he was paying her to have sex. And he wanted his tapes.

  2. WitNit says:

    Liberals are allowed to have their uncivil metaphors because, of course, they are the annointed, and must call out us sinners…

  3. So, you KNOW exactly what was in Rush’s head when he said it, eh, JC? You can read minds? Or, was the reality that Rush was speaking off the cuff, and simply made a piss poor analogy? I’m defending him, he should have said he was sorry instead of doubling down, we all say things we wish we hadn’t. But, you, like most liberals, seem to work hard to attack him, yet defend or blow off the disgusting misogynistic comments from liberals.

  4. Trish says:

    Liberals are full of hot air. They have a lock on the double standard, and they will use it forever, as long as we let them. Now is the time to defend our side. You cannot have it both ways Libs, you either come out and apologize for every single stinking nasty term you have used, and will use in the future, or we take the gloves OFF.
    I myself was horribly offended at being called a Tea Bagger, by individuals in my own community, by the lame stream news media, and by NMP who voiced the term loud and clear at a presidential presser. The terminology was offensive, far more so than calling someone a slut. But it and many other vile names have gotten a complete pass by the left.

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